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SACD recommendations

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Well after getting the SCD-C333ES last week and burning it in, I was extremely impressed with the SACDs I bought. So far I've picked up:

Jeff Beck - Blow by Blow
Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
Dave Brubek - Time Out
Santana - Abraxas

All of these CDs are amazing, if you haven't heard SACDs yet you owe it to yourself to do so. I haven't heard Kind of Blue sound so good since Kurt put it on his Oracle table through the Avant Garde Trios.

Anyway, do you guys have any other suggestions for great SACDs? I'm thinking the next purchase will be Friday Night in S.F. but I'm looking for any other good recommendations for jazz/rock/classical.

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Selection isn't great yet and my unit is away being mod-ed, so I don't have much to offer in terms of advice. That said, I have:

1. Miles Smiles. Not at all a jazz expert (yet), but I enjoyed it as much as KOB and Sketches of Spain. Supposed to be one of his better efforts.
2. Bach Goldberg variations with Glenn Gould. Unbelievable pianist's last recording I believe. His humming might distract you. Also, many have noted that the disc (CD and SACD) seems to contain background noise in a few places, as if they re-recorded over some other music! Anyway, I'm also not a classical expert, but this is supposed to be one of Gould's greatest achievements.
3. Billie Holiday (I forget the title, but it's the only one of hers avail on SACD). This is also one of her last and allegedly best recordings and dates from '58 or so, so maybe not a great way to test SACD! Nevertheles, excellent songs, and that sublime voice! Way recommended!

I also have Carol King Tapestry and Bob Dylan Blonde on Blonde, but I'll get to listen to those when my unit gets back! Hope that helps somewhat!

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I second Miles Smiles & Blonde on Blonde and I'll add some mostly jazz recordings:

Monk - Straight No Chaser(one of Monk's better later recordings. Play the solo track 'Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea' and watch your jaw drop.

Mingus An Um(music speaks for its self and almost no background noise, just a glorious marriage of recording & performance)

Herbie Hancock - Headhunters (play track two to demo for your friends, another classic and influential performance as well.)

Benny Waters - Live at the Pawnshop(modern swing quartet with singer/sax/clarinet Waters at helm, great recording and performance from 1974. Hybrid only $15!!! too.

Dave Brubeck - 40th Anniversary Tour of the UK(a good modern, digital recording that actually is a great performance as well.)

*Alot of the newer recorded SACDs are great to demo but don't hold up in the performance department like some of the discs I mentioned.
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I'll second "Straight, No Chaser." Wow.

Also, check out Isaac Stern's Vivaldi (Four Season & Violin Concertos). That SACD is probably my favorite classical recording ever.
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As my post in "Music for Sale" indicates, I found a "used" copy of Sketches of Spain today (great condition) for $18.35 including tax. I already own it, but it was too good of a price to pass up for someone else. If anyone wants this SACD, let me know!
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My audiophile friends with megabuck systems have SACD players,
and although SACD remakes of old recordings sound good, nothing compares to new recordings-DSD mastered SACDs. There are of course very few of these available, but they sound fabulous. Of course performance is what counts vs sound.

On the downside I did notice that SACD versions of older Bruno Walter Mozart material had more detail, but also more pronounced tape hiss (from original master) making me think I would almost prefer the CD version.
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