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Bought headphones from Ilya, excellent seller. Thanks.
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Ilya bought my GMP250.
He is a very kind and nice person to deal with.
Great and prompt communications throughout the proces.
Thanks Ilya. Hope you enjoy the GMP250.
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Traded my Stello HP100 for Ilya's Woo Audio WA6. Excellent transaction, highly recommended, and would do business again in a heartbeat
Thank you!
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Ilya bought a pair of IEMs from me, and was very fast to pay and a great person to do business with, and would do it again, of course.
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I purchased his Pro900s. Very smooth transaction!

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Ilya bought my AKG K240 Sextetts. Great communication!

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Amarphael/Ilya bought my K240 DFtetts. Thanks for the great transaction.

Communication was great, and I wouldn't hesitate to business with this great head-fier in the future.
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Ilya gave me a pair of K240's for recabling (and a little bit of a paint job). He came over, decided what exactly he wanted done on them, and I've modded them. As always a pleasure.
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I bought a pair of earphones from Amarphael. Communication was very good, shipping was prompt, and the phones arrived in fine condition.

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I biught pads and distancers for grado. Item was shipped right away and I am happy with the transaction!! Thanks!
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I recently bought a pair of AKG 240 sextetts and I have to say that Amar was pleasant to deal with and the package got here as promised.  I would gladly buy from amarphael again if something comes up that looks like i would want.


have a great day and thank you 

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Ilya was so kind to sell the GMP250 back to me.

Again it was a pleasure doing business with him.

Fast shipping and secure packing.

Thank you.

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Highly Recommended - Ilya (Amarphael) purchased my SPL Auditor.  Excellent transaction, seamless communication and very quick payment.  Ilya's passion for our hobby is contagious.  I would purchase or sell equipment with Ilya without hesitation, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED +++

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I traded my Sony MDR-F1 (plus some dough) for Ilya's Black Dragon recabled SA5000. The transaction was very smooth with fast and well packed shipping and he was a pleasure to communicate and deal with. Highly recommended! Thanks Ilya!

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