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FX-33 issues

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I have the FX-33 marshmallows, and did the kramer mod to them. However, there seems to be an inordinate amount of hiss in the background. Anyone have an idea on how to fix this?
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Did the hiss happen only after the kramer mod or was it there before as well? Is the hiss in only one channel or both channels?

Most likely, it's your source that's noisy. The cheapest way to fix this is to get a new headphone with higher impedance. The KSC75 comes to mind.
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My source is my computer. Dunno if the sound card is any good really. I did just get some SR-60s, so the FX-33s are for travel, because they isolate pretty well. The hiss just bugs me a bit. It is out of both channels.
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Any chance you could describe the hiss? Is is continuous no matter what you're listening to? Or a certain frequency range? What I'm thinking is that adding a little more foam when doing the kramer mod might fix the hiss. I noticed a little sibilance when I did the kramer mod, so I added more foam and that fixed it right up.
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perhaps the fx33's don't have enough impedence on them?
they hiss when i use my computer, but when i used a pair of ksc75's, there was no hiss to be found with the computer. also there is no hiss with either when using both on my mp3 player.
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I'll try them with my Ipod, see if the hiss goes away. The hiss is there even when I just plug them in and theres no music playing.
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