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He bought me some Alessandro MS-1. Great communication and great transaction. Shipping from Canada to Poland was something, but he understood.
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He bought a customized version of my DIY Moonlight amp. Great contact, quick payment, simpy perfect customer.
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great head-fier

the best!
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terrific head fier nice to do business with
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I sold Pawel an iPod. The transaction was flawless. Pawel is a very friendly guy and payment was ultra fast. Thanks so much!
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Sold an Ipod Shuffle to "nfsu". Fast payment, no hassle = Perfect sale

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I sold a nano to nfsu. Good Communication, fast payment, everything went perfect.........Thanks!!!
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Sold Shure e2cs, great communication, great buyer!!!
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NFSU bought my EMU 0404USB DAC.

Good communication and fast payment.
Very easy to deal with and a pleasure.

Well recommended!

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Sold my UM1's to nfsu. Payment was quick and communication was great -- willing to work with me on the shipping. Great buyer! Thanks again!
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Pawel bought my MS2i, very good commucation, I would glady do business with him again.
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I sold Pawel some Grado SR60 headphones. Quick payment, and good communication. I would not hesitate to do business with Pawel in the future. Wonderful buyer!

Overall.. A+++ & highly recommended.

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Sold my UM2s to Pawel. Great communication, smooth transaction.
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Sold UM1s to NFSU/Pawel. Transaction went smoothly, great buyer!
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Sold nfsu my DT990Pro.

It was a pleasure dealing with him and the transaction went smoothly. I would definitely recommend him as a buyer/seller.
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