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Ok, for anyone who is interested, I bought the Alljoy AG110 last week off of Amazon for "grins". Total cost, including shipping, was $59 bucks. I don't have alot of posts on Headfi but you can check out my profile and see I have had a bit of experience with this little hobby of ours (thanks to you all!). Wow, this is exciting...my first review on cans!

How to best describe the Alljoy AG110 sound?

Well, call up your neighboor and ask him or her to turn on their TV...yes, Walmart TV, with internal speakers only. Now creep over and put your ear against their outside window and listen. Feel the tiny vibrations through the glass? Sort of but so what? Ok, do you hear rich detail, sound stage, mids/hi's? No, not even close! It just sound like you are listening to a bad TV through a pane of glass while standing outside? Another way to describe the sound your hearing would be if you took your stock ipod ear buds (remember them?) and held them two inches from your ears while you listened to music...how disappointing. As you leave before the police arrest you for standing in your neighboors bushes, you can't help but wonder why you wasted $60 bucks on this lowfi TOY?

Oh well, at least you have something of some MINOR value to contribute to this grand body of knowlege we call Headfi. And in so doing, maybe keep someone else from wasting their money as well? Note: I am not comparing these meager cans to my rig in anyway. This product is pure junk by anyone's standards except the one lone reviewer on Amazon who though they were wonderful. Hey, wait a minute, I think that amazon guy is outside my window right now... "get away"..."I mean it"... "hey, I'm calling the cops" ha.

I would enclose a picture but trust me, it's not worth the effort. For anyone that might still be interested, I will send them to you (Conus only) if you have a comparable (comparable in $ value not meaning junk,ha) single 12au7 tube or two you can part with? I will also be at the DFW meet next weekend if you want to hear them for yourself.
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Wow nice review!! Too bad they sound crap though... Oh well.
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Now who wants to try the $500 pair?!?
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Ever heard of a Bluetooth headset embedded into a cap? Never thought I would see the day that would happen. www.maxvirtual.com

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Originally Posted by jonncmax View Post

Ever heard of a Bluetooth headset embedded into a cap? Never thought I would see the day that would happen. www.maxvirtual.com
Well actually, regarding that, I backed the $49 stereo headband kit from their Indiegogo campaign.

It's not bad for $50. You lose all sense of the treble though. It's definitely geared towards the hearing impaired with a focus on getting the midrange audible and having some bass response.

Effects from binaural recordings still works pretty well.

The sound really depends on the placement of the transducers on your head; really depends. If you move it even just a bit on your head, it can destroy the overall sound.
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Someone above had been wondering if/when a dual design headphone might come out, here is one that has bone conduction (apparently through the top of the skull) as well as traditional sound/ear phones:




The price they show in that link includes an iPod with one of their programs (a set of tracks customized toward the listener's goal), I think, and probably the training course. I think the retail cost of the phones alone is $399.


I have been researching some music therapy products (for my daughter who has some developmental delays), which is how I came across these. I want to try them out - wil buy them if their product (audio tracks) work well and help my daughter significantly.


As they claim that these phones were designed/developed fspecifically for their tracks, these might be most compatible with classical music (as their tracks are all classical), though perhaps not. While describing optimal audio phones to me, the engineer suggested that phones with a flat response are best, as any professionally recorded track already has all frequencies optimized (hence, get flat response speakers and don't use an EQ).

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