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Like me wanting a $600 amp isnt bad enough - now it's a $1000 amp!

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Originally Posted by GAD View Post
Like me wanting a $600 amp isnt bad enough - now it's a $1000 amp! GAD
Yeah....... I know! I started into this looking at a WA3 for $470
(Told my wife I was going to get a few minor upgrades)
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And now you'll have tons of fun hunting for tubes. It's a great entertainment but will certainly cost ya.
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3rdRock - Please report back on this, I am very interested in this amp. I'd really like to know how it would synerguze with some GS1000's... Right now I am thinking of making my primary rig in the home office - Stello DA100>WA6>GS1000 or Denon D5k... very curious about synergy with this predicted set-up.
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thats really impressive, how much are those v-caps?
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They are around 55$ each and worth it.
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I just want to start out by complaining about the additional $330.00 dollars this thread has cost me in up-grades to my WA6 amp that I originally ordered approx. 2 weeks ago. I'm certain once I receive the amp (with the up-grades) all will be forgiven though. Next on my list is selecting a couple of good Rectifier tubes... (lets see, only 2 weeks left!)
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GZ32 and a metal base GZ34, that should do it.
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I've been listening to a 5R4GY lately, and i think it gives the GZ32 a run for the money...it doesn't have the mid bloom thing going for it, but air-space, liquidity and head-room...it has plenty of...and they're relatively cheap at $15 a pop...and it's indirectly heated, unlike the 5U4G, so it's friendly to the triode tubes driving it...it may not suit bass-heads but if spaciousness and 3-d imaging is your thing, try a 5R4GY...it took about 10 hrs. for the sound signature to stabilize...
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What make is it?
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I'm curious to see if the amp specs (for the WA6) will change after the addition of the following 4 upgrades to an amp?

.15/600-TFTF(x2) V-cap .15u/600v

bg220u/200v(x2)Blackgate filter capacitors

bg150u/350v(x2)Blackgate decoupling capacitors

bg220u/16v(x4) Blackgate by-pass capacitors

Something for Jack to work on in all his spare time...
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Originally Posted by jamato8 View Post
What make is it?
it's a jan rca, but i've been told by brent jesse, of audiophile tubes, that rca
made all the 5R4GY for various brands...NOS seem to be plentiful thru his site and even on auction sites...
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My WA6 has arrived!

My "Audiophile Edition" WA6 was delivered late Friday afternoon. I was amazed at the weight of the package, and after unboxing, was surprised by the size/heft of this amp, which is actually a little larger & heavier than it appears (to me) in pictures. The transformer on this amp is massive! This is a very serious looking piece of equipment with an excellent fit and finish. (I ordered my unit in Black, to match my other equipment.)

After getting everything hooked up, I installed the stock tubes (Sylvania 6DE7 Triodes and a Russian Electro-Harmonix 5U4GB Rectifer). I'm not sure if these are the same tubes that Jack used when doing the initial testing/burn-in of my unit or not. I turned the amp on and let the tubes warm for about 30 minutes before feeding a signal from a burn-in CD. After another 30 minutes of burn-in CD, I listened to a few tunes to make sure everything was OK so far.

The midrange was clean and fairly smooth, but bass & treble were a little ragged on the edges. (What do you expect after less than an hour of burn-in?) The gain of this amp is a perfect match with my Sennheiser HD-650s! The volume range makes full use of the control, with Max volume being as loud as I would ever desire, but no more. (This allows for very good signal to noise ratio) With everything hooked-up and on (CD on Pause), and the volume control set a Max, this thing is quite. I mean dead quite! Absolutely no hiss, no hum, just silence! (Comparable to my FT Audio Passive Pre/Speaker System)

I will be burning-in the BG&V-Caps over the next several weeks (with FM tuner interstation white noise) before I attempt to give any serious evaluation. I will be leaving the stock tubes in for this initial burn-in, thereby conserving my premium tubes. I have had a Stefan Equinox LE Cable on order (16 week waiting list), which should be here about the time the initial Cap burn-in is complete. Then I will have to burn in the Cable and the premium tubes before I can set down for some serious listening.

Oh... here's a picture of the inside. (I just had to take a peek!)

Only 399 more hours of burn-in to go!
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Congrats 3rdRock!
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man that's purdy...

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