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Upgraded Woo Audio 6?

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I've inquired if any upgrades to the Woo Audio WA6 are recommended and got this reply:

Unit price: $570

220u/200V X2( for Filter) Black Gate WK "Power Tank" $60/ea =$120
150u/350V X2 Black Gate VK $35/ea = $70
0.1u/200V X2(for Input) MultiCap (PPMFX)$6/ea = $12
220u/16V X4 Black Gate Standard $5/ea = $20

Stock 5U4 rectifier to Sovtek 5U4G $10

Total price: $877 ($35 shipping).

What do you folks think - worth the upgrades? Anyone else had these done?

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Upgraded Woo Audio 6

Yes... I ordered my WA6 with the same upgrades last Thursday. Expected delivery in five to six weeks. I feel that with the upgraded components and a premium rectifier tube, this little amp will reach the next level of refinment.
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That is what I did with the Woo 3 and reported the changes here and to Jack. Yes I think Blackgates are always worth it but know that they take many hours a few hundred to break in/form.

I would not go with that coupling cap though, the multi cap. I would go with something much better. The coupling cap is directly in the signal path between the two sections of the 6DE7. I would go for a HOVLAND MUSICAP .1uF 600 volt or if you have the money a .15 V-cap (one per side).
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Skip the Sovtek 5U4G. You can buy an RCA 5U4GB for that price that'll be much better.

Also skip the PPMFX. In the multicap family, ask if they'll put in some RTX polystyrenes for you instead. Otherwise, you'd be better off putting in your own favorite cap.
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any opinions on the dynamicap by trt .1u/425v?
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I have listened and used many caps but just go here. This is an excellent write-up.

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thanks for the link, jamato8...it was a very good read...now, who do i see about purchasing an invisible suit to rob my local bank...

btw, jamato8, why the .15u over the .10u cap?
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how much would it cost for me to ship mine in for this to be done?
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jack woo, is the man you want to ask if you want to upgrade your amp...but if you're comfortable with soldering, then DIY...it's much cheaper and you can roll caps whenever you please...
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Originally Posted by takezo View Post
thanks for the link, jamato8...it was a very good read...now, who do i see about purchasing an invisible suit to rob my local bank...

btw, jamato8, why the .15u over the .10u cap?
.15 will give you a little more bass control, although the bass is very good but bigger caps work better for bass but can sacrifice the highs so you have to stay within a range of .2 to .1 for most good results in coupling caps in this area.
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thanks jamat08, that makes a lot of sense! it's all about balance...
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V-Caps in Upgraded Woo Audio 6

Thanks to the tip from jamato8, I contacted Jack at Woo Audio before he started building my WA6 (w/upgrades) about installing V-Caps in place of the PPMFX Multicaps.

Here is Jack's response...

"I would assume these v-caps sound great but I haven't tried them yet. They can be installed in the WA6 - just enough room to fit. I am intriged to hear how they sound on the WA6. I will begin building this amp once I gather all the parts. Can you order these parts and have them shipped to our address? Please let me know. Either 0.10uF/600V or 0.15uF/600V is fine. I need 2 pieces."

I have ordered the 0.15uF V-Caps (as recommended by jamato8) and had Chris at VH Audio ship them directly to Jack in New York. Jack should get them sometime next week and be able to start putting everything together. I'm not sure that Jack will be able to make an assessment as to any improvement in the sound quality since it is my understanding that it takes up to 400 hours for the V-Caps to fully break in. Who knows... maybe he will be so blown away by the improvement that he will recommend V-Caps to future upgraders.

Thanks again for the V-Cap recommendation jamato8...
That's what this Forum is all about!
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Darn, (I really wanted to say damn) I wanted to put some in my amp but just haven't gotten around to it. The Black Gates will also take at least 400 hours to really blossom so there you go but I bet after 20 or so hours the sound will start to smooth out but know that there will be changes and some not all that inspiring but the end result will be well worth it.

BTW I also emailed with Jim McShane, who sells tubes and is one of the most honest tube sellers and rebuilders you can deal with and he stands by his comment that the Vcaps are the best he has heard.
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for us diyer, what temp. do you recommend for this type of soldering job?

i've taken a look inside and it looks like you have to take apart the whole unit to
gain access to the back side of the plastic straps holding down the larger caps.
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My "Audiophile Edition" WA6 is complete!

I received an email from Jack at Woo Audio notifying me that he has completed building my amp (w/Blackgates & V-Caps) which should ship within the next few days. Here is his initial impression of the V-Caps.

"Your WA6 has just completed. We noticed that the frequency response range is wider than the previous builds, showing on a test equipment. At first, I immediately found the both ends add more definition. Overall performance is fast, clean, and very dynamic. Right now, the sound is a bit tight and punchy but I can hear it opens up gradually after the first hour burn-in. As an early observation, these parts bring very positive improvements and make this build top the list. I also took some pictures for this special build. Feel free to share these with your friends."

Only 399 more hours of break-in to go!
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