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Want to win a set of rare Sennheiser headphones? - Page 3  

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I don't know about everyone else, but my Sennheisers are my companion to sleep.

Here is a take with my 497s. I hope you all enjoy them

[ Sennheiser Dreams. ]

[ Snuggle. ]

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What Sennheiser does for me.
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Here's my first entry:

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My PX 100's keepin' my iPod's company
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The design was hand drawn in ink then photographed and layered over the photo of the headphones in photoshop.
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cool pics, I'll post mine later
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i like the one by modshade. that's a nice pic/idea.
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these are all really really good!!! lets see some more. I'd love to see some portable headphones such as the sport series (green) or CX300 or PX100 (thats just me, though ).

great submissions- keep them coming and please PM your friends and encourage them to submit...after all, there's nothing to lose!
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Here is a little PX100 love

One more to go with these:

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I'll have some photos in hopefully in a few days. I just got my Senn 212Pro's back after not seeing them for over a month
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my 201's

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that's pretty cool ^
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My HD650 came in recently, so I took some pictures!!!
(I really really like these!)

Life is good!!!

Clicking on any of these pictures will bring you to my flickr page with more options, such as larger picture sizes.

Thank you so much Sennheiser USA for putting on this contest!
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