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Want to win a set of rare Sennheiser headphones? - Page 2  

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Its the MX500 smiley!!!!

A more distinct blue MX500 smiley!!!
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Here is my try.

I own a set of Sennheiser HD25-13 (600 ohm) headphone monitors. I love their ability to transduce every last naunce and detail in a recording.


NB - I subscribe to "Less is more" - a picture speakes a thousand words...
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Damn! I have no Sennheiser phones to photograph...
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this is cool. more pics.
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Originally Posted by TheDeliveryMan View Post official usage...we just want to see some cool, artistic pics of our phones. We also would like to give away some collectible HD480's. The photo remains your intellectual property. Of course, if it comes out really nice you don't mind us showing it to our co-workers and friends right?

Best wishes and good luck!
Yea, I was just wondering.
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Originally Posted by Kabeer View Post
Is the competition only open to USA residents? What about UK? And whens the closing date?
Aug 1 commences voting, so we will close on July 31. I have no objection to non-US members...we are a global ecomony and a positive thinking global company. have fun- can't wait to see your pics!
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Since I "lost" my camera I will compete with an older artsy-like photo of my HD595 in Magic Red.
I think it speaks for itself.

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Originally Posted by Asr View Post
How many pics per person? Some have already posted more than one...
you can submit multiple pics as long as they are somewhat different. common courtesy of course, applies.... we'd like to prevent a bandwidth logjam if at all possible. remember, all it takes is one photo to win. (x4 winners )
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Here are some of my entries.

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This is really cool. I'm about to go on vacation and will be away from my headphones so I cannot create something now. Maybe on my trip, I might be able to do something.
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Early Adopter

Rather than enter a high megapixel recent photo, I'm stressing the message this older photo conveys The Sennheiser HD580s were the best dynamic cans existent back in the early 90s. They were the benchmark used by Tyll for his introduction of his first headphone amp, the Supreme, which I bought bundled with the Senns in December 1993 as an early adopter. I think it spoke volumes that a landmark amp was introduced using the Senn 580s to show off its capabilities. This was the combo that Stereophile also reviewed in their December '93 issue.

And yes, I still use those HD580s. They've had some parts replaced and have been tweaked/upgraded over the years. But the key is that they still float my boat I also like the fact that the prize here is the model that were my first Senn cans. Gotta love it

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My "Mexican Piggy Bank" headphone stand.
Photoshopped with some cheap-o filters Nothing special.

Sennheiser HD555

I couldn't enter that crappy picture above.

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awesome stuff so far-- the competition is heating up!!! keep them coming in! great work!
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Saccharomyces cerevisiae is listening
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