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Last minute entries!

The theme is natural, representing Sennheiser sound quality. I would have added the word "Natural" to each image, but I wanted to keep Photoshop out of this - all of these are straight from my D200, no editing whatsoever aside from some minor cropping and obvious resizing.

Maple Infusion

Hanging Out

Berry Dream 01

Berry Dream 02 (my favorite)
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Originally Posted by sygyzy View Post
Here's my entry. Took about a week to put together.

If it helps to nominate, I'd pick this one. Really cool idea and great composition.
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Originally Posted by Afrikane View Post
Love, LOVE the first Sennheiser Electric one. I think that won my vote.
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Nooo! I'm almost finished with mine! Is it ok if I get it in tommorow (1st) noonish?

edit: nm, tommorow is the 31st :P
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MLG Ad. (My headphones on loan to Strongside for tht event) (I took the pic).

I'm taking more of my HD650s later, but thats all I got for now.
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Made it in time!
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Here's a few images of my PX 200:

They do go with me everywhere...

Even C. G. E. Mannerheim rocked to the PX 200s.

.. and since we're closing in on the deadline, I'd just like to state a fact!

(technically the headphones aren't really in the spotlight in this one, but at least the nice carrying case is with the PX 200s inside )
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I've got one more coming up, I'm going to try to get it in before the deadline.
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Here it is.

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I thought I'd give this challenge a shot (or three!). So here's my 9-year-old little sister wearing my 12-year-old pair of HD25-1's.

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Argh, using the cute kid technique again...I dont have any young siblings or cousins within a 500 mile radius.
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Here are mine. Thought it was worth a try.

That is a gamecube controller for anyone who wants to know.

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Originally Posted by That dude View Post
Just for fun, let me give it a try.

Too good.
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Wow, I just learned about this so I didn't have time to try anything crazy before the deadline, so please accept my humble entry.
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^Chipped paint on ma grillz.

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