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ipod ear buds
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I admit it, I had Bose OE Triports. But I have since given them to my wife who loves them because they are comfortable. I tried to stick to my guns on them until I A/B'd them against K26P and it was no contest. The 40 fones crushed them.
Oh well... live and learn (just don't tell my wife).
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uhmm px100 and $20 sony headphones
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Sennheiser mx500 earbuds
sondy mdr-v300

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I was using the E500 and before that it was the E5c and the ER-4P until I discovered head-fi. Now since then I got a lot of open cans. I really like the open cans
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i was useing those crappy sony behind the head ones... like the $15 ones that arent that great and died like 3 weeks later. but i thought those were great... for some reason
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sony ex-71
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Sony MDR-V700DJ

They sounded quite good to the untrained ear. My CD3K's sound better, though.
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Originally Posted by EsthetiX View Post
I was just thinking about how I can't believe the trash I used to listen on a while back. WOW. It just amazes me that I even got by... The ones I used most often were some panasonic buds that at the time I thought were excellent in comparison to all my other options. Of course, one of the drivers would go dead on the majority of my purchases just after a short time.
A few years ago when I got my first MP3 player ever I went to the local store and grabbed the first buds I found at £10, and they were those exact same ones. Back then I was amazed at how much better they sounded than the ones supplied with that crappy 256MB MP3 player
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I was really bummed out when we moved from our old house and set up our speaker system in a brand new, larger, really sucky listening room.

My Wife had had a Sony PCDP with the stock behind-the-ears set of cans. The PCDP ain't bad! I still use it today since she gave it to me when she went to mp3. Anyway I was all depressed about how the tunes had degraded from our old house to the new, and I managed to slip one of my CDs into the player and had....surprise, a somewhat minor but still very real....little bitty EARGASM!!

About three days later while crying about it all on my speaker forum, about three of the guys excitedly mentioned Grados! Yeah! I'd heard of them! Cool! Forward speakers; forward cans! Right!

Another guy said something like: "You have the more neutral M3s and M50s; look at Alessandro!: Huh? Who?

The rest is history, but I still have and keep those old Sony behind the neck cans as a reminder and a token of where it all began.
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Stock iriver T10 earbuds. They're pretty good actually, up until I found PX100.
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Shure E2C, before those I used the Bose Triports.
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V700, broke
HD201 bought under Headroom recommendation
A literal ******** of godawful buds and street-style phones before and in between. Including a Sony bud older than the dinosaurs.
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AKG K271 Studio and Grado SR-80. The only headphone purchase influenced by Head-Fi is my PX-100's which I'm very grateful for. Head-Fi's also responsible for me keeping my K271's. I wish I wouldn't have sold those Grado's.
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aiwa xp222 which were decent enough as i can recall but i find redeeming qualities in pretty much any headphone i try. i was on a quest to find something that sounded as good as a pair of on-ear panasonics that floated around my house for awhile until they cut out in one side.
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