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I've got my speakers and now I need help finalizing the rest of the set up...

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First, I live in America.

Ok, I've listened to the following:

Quad **** - $700/pair
JMLabs **** - $700/pair
B&W ***** -$450/pair
Paradigm *** - $400/pair
Boston** - $350/pair
Klipsch** -$700/pair

The number of stars I put by each company represents the rating I gave the speakers when I heard them. I was listening to Pink Floyd's - Darkside of the Moon on all of the speakers except the Quads and Bostons where I listened to some Jazz. Also on the B&W I listened to a live album by OAR (34th and 8th). Anyway, after listening to all of these speakers yesterday I loved the sound of the B&W 636. I think in my mind there isn't even a competition. I LOVED the sound of the B&W's. The other speakers just didn't seem to have the accuracy that the B&W's delivered. Actually the Quad's had maybe a bit more accuracy but lacked a fullness in the sound. I don't know when I listened to them they just seemed to be missing something.

Ok, now at the shop that I went to. They had an Rotel RX-1052 for a receiver delivering 100 watts per channel and a Rotel RDV-1045 DVD player. Honestly these components are a little over my budget and I don't care about having video inputs in my reciever. All I really want is 2 channel stereo sound.

Anyway what I'm thinking of going with is a:

Rotel RA-1062 integrated stereo amp - $700
Rotel RCD-1072 CD player - $700

Honestly this is a little over my budget but I'm looking at it as an investment. Right now I'm spending $1850 if possible I'd like to get that down for the same quality that I heard in the store. If this isn't possible I'll spend the money. I love what I heard in the store and that's the sound that I want. I want a clean detailed full sound. I'm not a person who is particularly interested in a lot of power otherwise I'd probably go with some JMlab speakers but these little B&W can really crank out some power and plenty enough for me.

Any help is appreciated.
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The obvious option is to buy used. Those Rotel pieces can be had for ~$500 each used.
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Buy a used Rotel amp and get a used Rega or NAD CD player. Listen to other CD players and see if they are worth the extra money.
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Not to kill your spirit or anything, but what you hear in the store, is most likely not going to be exactly what you hear in your own home, even with the same equipment.

The rotel integrated amp and cd combo will sound as good, if not better than what you heard int he store. The dedicated cd player should sound better than the DVD player they used.

You know if I were you, I'd spend more on the speakers and less on the source components. You're going to hear much more of a difference that way.
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out of the $1850, i would spend $1000 on the speakers alone.
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you should also spend more time with the speakers, listen to other speakers and use a wider variety of material that you are familiar with.

i personally love the Quads and strongly dislike the B&Ws, so obviously, everyone's taste will vary from yours a bit.

i agree that $1k should go to speakers... check out Monitor Audio, Rega (what i own), Dali, Energy, PSB...
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oh yeah, also check out Epos, and if you're not averse to ID brands, the Onix X-series from av123.com are getting unbelievable raves.
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True. The AV123 products are top notch for the $$.

Also, consider Usher and Totem for speakers in this price range. My $$ would go towards these companies before any on your current list. Just more realness and ZAZZ! sorry about that lol.

Seriously, bang for the buck is AV123 then Usher then Totem to me.
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There aren't a lot of audio stores in New Orleans especially after Katrina.

I'm going to try to listen to more speakers though. My budget is really $1500 and originally this is what I planned to spend. How much should I spend on speakers with this price range and what's a nice set up you recommend?

I'm looking for a clean detailed, well defined sound. When I listened to the Quad speakers I loved the sound but it lacked a fullness (I honestly felt something was missing). I'm not into a lot of power (like I said before the B&W's deliver plenty of power for me) and good sound stage is good but not my primary concern.

For a receiver I don't really care about video (my tv has more than enough video inputs) or hooking up anything else other than a CD player to it and my TV but just for audio. That's why I wanted to go with that integrated Amp from Rotel.

Also I'm just looking for 2 channel stereo sound. I'm not interesting in surround sound.

For $1,500 or less recommend me some set ups that I could maybe go listen to.
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I am on the same boat as you. I listened to B&W DM600 S4, B&W floor standings in 600 series, and Revel F-12. I like DM636 the most, then Revel, and the floor standings the last. After that the representative showed me Wilson Max. To my surprise, the DM636 sound signature is similar to Wilson Max. I really like this fact.

Would anyone have listened to Omega speakers? The review says they have neutral and transparent sound too. My budget is the same as sscaff1 which is $1000 for speakers, and used ones is OK for me. Would anyone provide some input about what we should choose? Thanks.
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scaff1, which models did you hear from the brands in your first post?
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I agree with VicAjax. Quads or Epos over the B&W's. Spend some time listening to all three of these (preferable in the same sitting) and I think you'll find that the B&W's start to pale compared to the other two options.

Are you listening to the Quad 11's? These lack a bit of authority due to cabinet/driver size. Perhaps you should give the 12's a try. The B&W's have more bottom end, but they also have a boxiness which gets a bit annoying.
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Call (do not email) Richard Moulding at Spearitsound.com

He has Paradigm, B&W and Rotel and will give you honest advice on the best values he has including many specials on blems or discontinued units.
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