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Philip Glass Recommendations

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I've been interested in this guy for awhile but never know where to start. Can anyone who knows him recommend a good starting point. I am most interested in something that plays thru cohesively rather than a collection.

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I recently bought the album from the movie "The Illusionist". Awesome album imo. I also have "Powaqqatsi". Awesome as well. Don't know if this is a good starting point, but hey, you've got to start somewhere
He for sure is a genius!
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Powaqqatsi did catch my eye.
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Check it out. Was the first music of Philip I came in touch with. Contains a nice variety and is a joy to listen to.
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I have 1000 Airplanes On The Roof which is amazing. This also has some backing vocals featuring Linda Ronstadt.
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The Photographer which is based very loosely on the Meyerbridge? stop motion photos of running horses is to my mind a great place to start.

It's a unified work and fairly accessible and is a good intro to him.

From there i would go to Einstein On The Beach which is his collaboration with Robert Wilson. Much more dense and complex
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The Fog Of War OST, The Hours OST, The Illusionist OST, Notes On A Scandal OST & The Music Of Candyman.
My favorite albums by Philip Glass.
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All of them are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I have one Phillip Glass album, but I like it! I heard it on the local station and decided to buy it based on that. It's Kronos Quartet Performs Phillip Glass. 1995 album. They play String Quartet Nos 2-5.
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I recommend starting with Glassworks, his String Quartets, as well as the piano suite Metamorphosis . Together these will give you a survey of Glass's mature style, without much of the "I've heard it all before" aftertaste.

If you've been sold then, the next steps will be Symphony #5, a gigantic work (actually an oratorio) which demonstrates how eloquent and flexible his minimalistic technique can be. The opera Akhnaten is another impressive work that sounds fairy different.

Also of interest is the album Aguas da Amazonia. Here, a Brazillian ensemble of self-invented instruments plays the music of Glass. Very "ethnic", very beautiful, and great bubbly fun.
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Originally Posted by Gatticus View Post
Glassworks is mesmerizing.
Agreed. It's also a perfect one to start with.
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Originally Posted by Gatticus View Post
Glassworks is another that caught my eye. Thanks for all the recommendations.
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his violin concerto is hypnotic and very accessible.

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Simplest thing to do would be to get the Koyaanisqatsi DVD and listen to it. It is a single 90 minute piece of music on a single theme, and you get one of the most acclaimed art house films of all time to boot.....
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