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Describe The Poster Above You Game!

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Most of the forums I go to have this, and I noticed Head-fi didn't have one. Kinda odd, especially with the size of the forum. Let the game begin!

edit: please no post whoring, try to limit yourself to 4 in here a day...
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I don't know who you are....but if I had to guess, based on your sig, 15 with E500, HD600, HD650... You're not even old enough to work yet....you're a spoiled rich kid, lol.

Could be and probably are worng, but there you go.
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It seems to me like you live in NE Florida (although that could be a lie...) and you describe it as 'Sunny'. You find strange pink fluffy chimp things very amusing, and you are 25. Judging by your name, you are also a scammer. You use KDE linux sometimes and are a member of KDE-Look forums, KDE-Apps forums and a series of motorbiking forums. In fact, you like to bike alot. You are helping to run a clothing company, many of your friends are in bands and your favourite band of all time is 'Unwritten Law'. You also have a car with holes in it.
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14 year old kid who lives on the other side of the planet. Youngest person on head-fi, and is angered that there are no decent shops around him, and when he does find good gear in stores, the people look at him with weird faces. Also turned 14 sometime recently, but I wasnt here to cellebrate for certian reasons...
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15 year old who currently resides in Las Vegas and must now conduct his running at 2am instead of his usual 9pm run. This is mainly so that he can run in cooler weather than the usual 110+ degrees Fahrenheit of the City of Lights, however it may also be an excuse to listen to that mighty fine headphone collection of his for an additional 5 hours before deciding to get some fresh air. He is also in somewhat of a pickle of an ortho running shoe situation. Perhaps a bicycle is in order? That way he can stick a source and amp in a basket in front of him while enjoying his HD650's!
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A little green guy who has too many headphones, and assumes waaay too much. Man, does he like iems....
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Is a huge Kramer fan, and thinks others assume when they are actually correct. Has a DAP with small storage, which is leading to hard choices for his playlist.
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Spoiled kid, Should get a job and pay for his own audio gear so he can truly appreciate it.
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Stands next to a pond with a fishing rod, but is in a sunny enough location to also wear sunglasses. Currently spending his time trying to make some cool beats.
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Drinks too much gin and ends up creating fuglyphones that are highly illegal in 3/4ths of the world. Currently satisfied with merely using professionally made fuglyphones.
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Must have a Real Large bed
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Takes better pictures than I do
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Is being too hard on himself cause he makes deadgorgeous pics of bugs
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One of few female Head-Fi'ers. She's cute as well...
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^ A hippie viking...going solely on the location and avatar.
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