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Mainly Apostrope and Overnight Sensation. I have the vinyl issues, and I guess they're not that bad, but certainly not state of the art for their time.

I like Zappa and he's always had a strong following, but I think genuis is too strong term. Mozart was a genius, Leonardo Da Vinci was a genius...
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i used to have a number of zappa lps, but now all that's left are my zappa remasters on cd. i like his production style (especially on "overnight sensation" era stuff) because it has a unique flavor (zappa flavored), and has a punchy feel to the bass & drums, while keeping a very controlled hand over the rest of the instruments. despite the sonic complexity of his music, in his best produced stuff you can still hear each instrument equally. he also did some subtle and very creative mixing, again very tight and controlled, but without losing that zappa looseness. and he did it all with trying to be flashy or draw attention to it (like some of pink floyd's stuff or yes). the comedy and social commentary also make a good foil to his musical and production wizardry.
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Most of Zappa work has amazing production values. The sound on We're Only In It For The Money is amazing, for it's time. Sheik Yerbouti has awesome impact and dynamics. The original US vinyl version is one of the hottest cut (mastered) records ever made. And The Yellow Shark is of of the finest sounding recordings period. Absolutely Free and Freak Out leave something to be desired but, hey, for their time they weren't bad.
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Okay, I stand corrected . I'll say this, the short guitar solo in Dynamo Hum is awesome.
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zappa could have you laughing one minute,thinking the next,then take off the top of your head with a guitar riff.Hell yes that is genius,the ability to knock your mood around with a song
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I don't really know what genius mean, but Zappa was definetely one of the most talented musicians of the last century.
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