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Laine bought my Grado SR-60's.

There was some confusion on my part because I had indicated $62 shipped to CONUS -- Laine is located in Hawaii, and I didn't realize that shipping to Hawaii does not cost more via USPS than shipping within the Continental US.

Laine is truly a pleasurable person to deal with. Extremely well-mannered and polite, excellent at communication, and quick to respond. People like Laine are the reason why online exchanges can be smooth and lovely.

An excellent addition to our community. Welcome, riceboy... and "sorry about your wallet"!
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Audio-Technica EC7

Riceboy gave fast communication and payment for some EC7 earbuds. Very patient with my complicated schedule - thanks for a great experience!!

Oh, and enjoy the nice earbuds. Within the week, you'll be rockin' and stylin'!
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Laine bought my ECSS and payed instantly and answered any questions I had instantly. Hope I have something else he's interested in to sell soon!
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Laine shipped E500PTHs the day following payment... nicely packed, super simple transaction.

Thanks Laine!
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I may not post around here much, as I'm new to these forums, but I go by the forum handle of buffbiff21 on other hardware and A/V sites.

I bought a set of Sennheiser HD580 headphones from Laine. Shipped Monday, almost immediately after I sent payment, and I received them a few days later. They're exactly as described.

With very fast and clear communication, fast shipping, and accurate descriptions, you can buy with confidence from riceboy!
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Got a pair of nicely packed ATH-EC7 GM from Laine.

Very smooth transaction, and surprisingly nice sounding buds.

Thanks, Laine.
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riceboy (aka Laine) purchased my PS Audio GCHA. Payment was prompt and communication was excellent. Laine is a really great guy and an asset to Head Fi.
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I sold Laine my HD600, and from start to finish the transaction was a true pleasure. Fast payment, polite and consistent communication. I look forward to doing business again in the future, thanks!
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I sold Laine my Grado HP-2. The entire transaction was smooth as silk.

Communicating on the phone with Laine was truly my pleasure and it was wonderful to talk to another Grado lover. Laine knew exactly what he wanted and was fast to pay and let me know when he received the headphones.

I'd recommend him to anyone, and I'm very happy that my HP-1000's have found a home that will appreciate them
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I sold Laine my PPX3 Slam. It was a wonderful and smooth transaction. His communication was excellent and payment was very quick. He is very friendly and a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended. Thanks, and enjoy your amp
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to Laine i sold a MAD ear HD-150

comunication was excelent, payment prompt, and he told me when it got to him.

a great transaction.
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riceboy also bought my RS1's.

Laine is a super Head Fi'er and an awesome guy to deal with. Very honest.
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I also bought Laine's EC/SS. It was another fabulous transaction. Communication was wonderful, shipping was super fast and packed well, and it is in perfect condition as described. It sounds good too . Highly recommended.
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I purchased Laine's PS Audio GCHA (Gain Cell Headphone Amplifier)

He was amazing friendly and easy to deal with. He offered free shipping to the CONUS with his sale, I had no idea how $$$ it was to ship into the states from HI - needless to say, it isn't cheap and it was quite generous of him to include it.

He also invented time travel on this deal. Being that HI is 3 hours behind my mountain time, I was able to pay him after I got off work and he was able to magically ship it the same day! He also made it magically get across the ocean and to my house in just a little over 24 hours.

ebay ending A++ will buy again, good seller

Thanks again Laine!
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I got my Denon 2Ks from Laine. Really nice guy & a real pleasure to deal with! Highly recommended!

thanks again =)
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