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Ipod Video 30GB + Sennheiser PX100 compatibility?

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I presently own an Ipod Video 30GB, and would like to add a Sennheiser PX100 headphone with it. Are their any compatibility issues/concerns I should consider? (Need of an amp etc?) Thanks.
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I think youll love the px100 with an ipod.
I use mine with my Zune player,and i like the warmth of them together.
The Ipod has a little more forward midrange than a Zune,and with the laid back mids of the px100's, i think it would balance out nicely.
I think the Ipod can also use the extra bass the px100 will provide.
For the price range,the only other headphone i might suggest is maybe Igrados,or Portapros(or any of the 60 ohm Koss models), but thats only if you like sparkly highs of Koss or Grado.

So id say,go for the px100 for the Ipod.

An amp would be nice also with it though.
Im looking at the Corda MOVE for my setup.
The Corda lll is also good from what i hear,if you dont wanna spend as much.
Ive also looked at the C&C box + as an inexpensive model.
Theres so many models out there. Look at SkyLabs reviews of his 20+ portable amps on this forum.
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it's a good combination for starters, but if u stay here long enough, i think u will reconsider going for another cans
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At this rate, you're getting great portability with a decent sound, though probably a step higher than the KSC75. You're just about at the point where noted improvement will result from larger phones. I've used your combo - sounds good, although there are times when you'll get serious sound leakage. The latter can only be addressed reliably with an IEM, of course.
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A match made in heaven for portablity and great sound. PX100 are my all-around choice these days for headphones on the go. They were close to the KSC35 (discontinued) which most people agree trounce the KSC75s - but in the end, the PX100 won for durability, design and longevity (and a very slight edge in sound). My KSC35 fell apart in three months (I hated the clip-on aspect of them anyway, uncomfortable). I really think the PX100 a very special and a bargain at their price point. Among the select minority of phones at HeadRoom that earn five stars - for good reason, too, I think. I just bought my second pair this week, just because they're that good and a perfect portable set.
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px100/ipod compatibility issues? LOL That title made me giggle aloud.

Seriously, px100 are great portable headphones for what you pay. They look nice and are built sturdy too.
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I agree with the posts above - the PX100 and iPod (Nano in my case) have great synergy. The prominent bass of the PX100 balances out the relative lack of bass of the Nano. It can't compete with my home rig (see sig) but for portable use, at work, etc., it's excellent.
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Until I get some IEMs, my PX-100 is my main portable phone, and I think it's great! The only issue I can think of is that it doesn't take to EQing out of the iPod very well - but I'd blame this on the iPod more than the headphone. But the sound is so good I never want to EQ it anyway, so it hasn't been an issue for me. Otherwise it's great, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it!
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The PX-100 are very good, and very close to the PortaPro. However, many reviews and statistics sreport the PortaPro just squeezes out the PX-100's. The PX is more is a bit more laid back and natural than the Porta's. They are both about the same price and either way I think you'd be satisfied. I usually watch Amazon's pricing every few weeks and either one or the other is always getting a price drop. I also have the KSC/35 and 75's and, although I love the 35's, I will never part with my Porta's. I've listened to quite a few other brands and models and have always come back to the Koss and this last time was it for me. Next is modding the KSC's and see what I get. I use all of my phones with the iPod as primary source. Good luck!
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I just started using the PX100 with my 5G 30GB Ipod and the sound is far better than I was expecting. They put my CX300 to shame. They make me want to trash the other 3 sets of Sony headphones I have laying around, which sound like pure mud in comparision.

I don't know if it matters, but the both 5G Ipods and the PX100 are rated at 32 Ohms.

The portability is just a plus. The only "problem" is the sound leakage, which is probably high with any set of open headphones.
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they work for me same ipod and when i want more portability i take
the sfi5pro's with me but if i need to hear the background or constantly
taking them off due to work i reach for the px-100's.
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The px100 is great with the 5th or 5.5 gen ipods. they are dynamic and punchy with the ipod's headphone jack. Using the treble booster EQ setting is a great match IMO for the px100
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