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I’m relatively new to Head-Fi, but I like it a lot. The members are courteous and genuinely eager to help, which is a breath of fresh air compared with the oft-belligerent atmosphere of other audio forums. I’ve learned a ton about headphones and amplification, among other things, and I’ve learned it in a very relaxed and respectful environment. Here’s to Jude and everyone else who make Head-Fi such an awesome and inviting site.
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Love this place and prefer to think of this as a way of life rather than a hobby. The research I did here and the advice I received helped me make great purchading decisions. Thank you all.
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Head-Fi is certainly one of the nicer corners of the web made so by the founders , past and current participants postings.

Thanx all
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I am just starting my journey on Headfi, but definitely think its one of the best audio sites around, by far. I mean, I can search just about anything audio here and find extensive information, pictures, and great commentary by people much more experienced with headphone culture than me. . Very solid resource, thank you
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Thanks a lot head-fi for taking all of my damn money!
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Hi Everyone here at Head-fi. I have been a Head-fi member for a little over a year now and I have to say it has been a very awesome experience. The members and people here are all amazing, offering to help with questions, offer opinions, suggestions etc. without asking or expecting anything in return. Everyone seems very respectful of each other, and even though there are debates about sound, equipment, etc. everyone is very respectful and debates are usually handled in a very mature manor.


I just wanted to say thank you to Head-fi, its members, staff, and everyone who help make this site the awesome site it is!

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Originally Posted by TheGame View Post

debates are usually handled in a very mature manor.




Where is this mature manor you speak of? They never took me there to debate anything.



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Originally Posted by pp312 View Post


Where is this mature manor you speak of? They never took me there to debate anything.



You don't think debates over equipment and sound are usually handled in a mature manor around here? I think they are unless I am just misunderstanding your post :beyersmile:

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Sorry, I was having a little joke. A 'manor" is a country estate. I think you meant "manner'.


  1. 1.
    a large country house with lands.
    "a Tudor manor house in the English countryside"
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Lol yeah my mistake, I see the error of my spelling ways lol! Sorry about that! :beerchug:

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No worries. It's just that I'm the official grammar/spelling police, and I get paid quite a lot for picking up on mistakes like that. :D

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Nice catch. I'm usually really meticulous about spelling things correctly, I am shocked that I made such a simple error. And honestly, it drives me crazy when I make spelling mistakes. (╥﹏╥)

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Wow, catching that spelling error sure killed this thread. :p

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