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SOLD: Grado SR-60's (modded)

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Sold to riceboy! Thanks, Laine

Grado SR-60
-grills replaced with thin copper mesh
-Grado lettering sanded away for simplicity
-1/4" adapter and original box
-bowl and "comfy" pads included

Minor modifications were done to improve sound and simplify the aesthetic appeal. I removed the original grills and replaced them with a thin copper mesh, which sounds great. The Grado markings were carefully ground away for a simpler, cleaner look.

I am looking for a pair of more "mellow" headphones. Examples would be RP-21/15MC, ES7, HD595 (circumaural is preferred, but not necessary.) I value these headphones at $75 in a trade (with everything, including the bowl pads.) If you're looking to trade headphones that you price at more than $75, I can send cash via PayPal to even the trade.

Trade is preferred, but I will sell them shipped CONUS for $62.
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$62 shipped, and sale preferred now. I found a local dealer where I can get RP-15MC for a nice price.
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$62 is your final offer?
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I'm not sure what you mean by that. Do you think I've set the price too high?
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No not at all. I think these will sell quickly because they do look more unique of the millions we see here. I even restrained myself from buying them. I probably would if I don't want the AT's so badly. The grilles do look them kinda cool.

Good luck.
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If you happen to live in Australia, I will ship this for US$20 or US$30, depending on how long you want to wait ($30 is quoted at 10 days, while $20 is quoted at "varies.")

sold to riceboy!
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