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MS brought back the IE explorer 3.0 for good reason. It's the best mouse they ever developed. and most reliable
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MX518. Accuracy, speed, and comfort. Not as important if you aren't a gamer but still nice to have. And if you do start gaming, you'll have a mouse enough to handle it.
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I have a Razer Diamondback, 1 of my brothers has a Razer Copperhead, 2 of my brothers have a Logitech MX518. It's a matter of taste if you prefer the double-handed Razers or the right-handed Logitech. For me, the Diamondback does wonders. I'd suggest trying a Razer and a Logitech in an electronics store side by side. The Diamondback and MX518 are pretty much identical in stats and performance. The Razers are finger mice, the Logitech is a palm mouse. I like finger mice much better than palm mice (finger mice are the ones where the back of your hand rests on the mouse mat, palm mice are the ones where your hand rests on the mouse itself. IMO finger mice just give better FPS reaction and accuracy, but, as I said, it's a matter of personal preference).

If I was buying a new mouse right now though, I would most definitely go for the Razer Deathadder, the new right-handed mouse by Razer with the best stats and performance of mice currently on the market. Have yet to try it out, but reviewers are raving about it.
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Razer Diamondback or Logitech G5 (updated version of MX510 / MX518). Both are about $50.
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I just bought a Logitech MX Revolution. Very good wireless mouse. NewEgg has a $20 rebate which brought the price below $50.
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Originally Posted by Joshatdot View Post
Thanks, that looks like a nice mouse! I bought just now on eBay, Buy It Now for $29.99 + $9.99 S/H
I have the older version of that mouse the MX500, and love it. Mines been in service for 4 years now, definitely the best mouse I ever have owned.
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Originally Posted by Ice Max View Post
if you can find one, an Mx510
Seconded. MX510 is really nice. I have it and its great for gaming and very comfortable for normal use. Not as good as the new MX518, but not as expensive either.
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be carefull of the G5/7 mice, I've had the G7 for maybe 9 months now, and the left button is starting to give out for me.

It has worked great, but don't think it has a long life.

Just to note its about 9 months with average of 5 hours or more daily.
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I've been using the Razer Diamondback for 1.5 years. I like it so much, I bought 3 This is a love it or hate it mouse; hated by people who are used to palm grips a la Logitech MX500/510. On the other hand, if you can get used to holding the mouse with your finger tips, the Diamondback is THE best. There is not much competition left in this category- Logitech G3, Razer Copperhead are the only real alternatives.

Diamondback vs Copperhead
Pros of DB: more reliable sensor (deal maker), cheaper
Pros of CH: official 500/1000hz support, better side buttons

I bought a DeathAdder this week. It is a great mouse. Basically, it takes the best of Copperhead (500/1000hz polling, onboard memory), Diamondback (newer infrared sensor), and puts it in the most popular mouse shape (Microsoft Explorer 3.0). All in all, I think the DeathAdder is the best palm grip mouse. Check out this page http://www.esreality.com/?a=longpost&id=1300293&page=4 for an objective test of sensors from all the popular mice.
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At the beggining of the year, I was going to buy one of those MS Habu mouse. Designed by Razor (diamondback and copperhead fame) and using laser techonology and with the Explorer 3.0 shape. It also has the cool blue neon pipe and scroll wheel, but there was such a delay for it, that I ended up just getting the reissued Explorer 3.0 instead.
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I've been using the M-BJ58 for the past 8 years now. I think it's a fantastic mouse. I don't think they manufacture it anymore, you'll have to find one from Ebay or some other place which still carry them.
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The MX300, G1, and finally G3 are basically M-BJ58 on (increasing amounts of) steroids.
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I second an MX Revolution. It fits my hand very well, i use the wheel all the time because of video games and web surfing. The battery works great too. I had a problem with a charging error once, but it was easily fixed in 20 min by throwing a 30 ohm resistor into the power leads of the charger.

Greatest mouse I've ever owned.;
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Originally Posted by Vertigo-1 View Post
Logitech MX Revolution...once you get used to its flywheel it's hard to go back to conventional ratcheting mouse scroll wheels.
yup, the flywheel is great and I also like the battery meter built into the mouse.
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I'll give the MX510 a test drive for a while. If it's not for me, I'll try a Razer, and post the MX510 in the BST forum (is there a BST forum for mice/misc stuff here?)
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