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The Ocean Blue
I love this band! Sounds like the smiths with a slightly lighter indie pop sound. The first three albums are first rate. The later albums have some songs that are just OK but still worth getting if you become a great fan

Debut Album


Beneath the Rhythm and Sound

All Great Stuff
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Portishead - Dummy

Pet Shop Boys - Behavior

2 great electronic albums, one is more trip hop, the other is great 80s style synthpop with a melancholic mood

Actually I could go on and on in this thread hehehe
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Yasmin Levy - La Juderia
What is it: A mix between sephardic jewish music and flamenco
Why: because her voice can make shivers run down my spine (even more so live - I had the good fortune to be able to see her perform at the North Sea Jazz Festival this year, nearly brought tears to my eyes with some songs)
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October Road - James Taylor

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Originally Posted by Davey View Post

Not too many Z's either, so I'll finish it off with one of my favorites from 1994 and then someone can start it over again

Hector Zazou - Sahara Blue

One of my favorite moments on this wonderful album comes in the second song, John Cale softly speaking the words ... "Her clothes were almost off; outside, a curious tree beat a branch on the window, to see what it could see" ... over spare guitar accompaniment by David Sylvian and Kent Condon, bass clarinet by Renault Pion, harp and backing vocals by Elizabeth Valetti, and claviers by Hector Zazou. The entire album is based on poems by the noted 19th Century French symbolist Arthur Rimbaud and is one of the largest and most eclectic gatherings of talent for one recording as you are ever likely to find featuring such diverse artists as John Cale, Bill Laswell, Brendan Perry, Lisa Gerrarad, Barbara Gogan, David Sylvian, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Gerard Depardieu, Dominique Dalean and many others (over thirty in all) with lyrics sung in six different languages.


Just saying ...

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