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Isis - Panopticon

While this album isn't perfect by any means, it does have some moments of greatness that cannot be ignored. The opening track "So Did We" is just plain massive for lack of a better word. While the album does lose a little steam towards the end, it is very solid overall. The lyrics are mostly incomprehensible (to my ears), but I think that is the way they are supposed to be in this album, as they seem to almost become an instrument themselves. Kinda similar to how Jonsi of Sigur Ros uses his voice if that makes any sense. This is another good choice for the Prog/Metal heads out there.

^I just got "into" Rush recently via Moving Pictures and Permanent Waves. I did listen to 2112 once, and it really didn't do anything for me at the time. Hemispheres is from that same time period. How similar is that one to 2112?
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Closer by Joy Division

I don't think this thread would be complete without at least someone mentioning this album. Quintessential goth rock. This is what help start it all boys and girls. I'm not into goth, but I remember picking this album up when I was a junior in high school (1990). This album is pretty much a suicide letter. I always thought Pink Floyd "The Wall" was a depressing album till I picked this up. Very very dark. Not for everyone (main complaint of non believers is Ian Curtis' vocals). The passion and misery portrayed in this album is unbelieveble. One of many favorite lyrics from this album:

"This is a crisis I knew had to come,
Destroying the balance I'd kept.
Doubting, unsettling and turning around,
Wondering what will come next.
Is this the role that you wanted to live?
I was foolish to ask for so much.
Without the protection and infancy's guard,
It all falls apart at first touch."

One of my all time favorite albums! Way ahead of it's time.
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Really? No Crimson? No biggie.

This is, IMO, their best album, where their experimentation got the biggest reward. After mucking around in free jazz and "standard" prog, Fripp got his wits together and created a new lineup that could back him up in a new, powerful sound. Helps, too, that he kept his wanking tendencies suppressed for this album. The sound is just intense, with tones unprecedented at the time and opening up new possibilities in metal and rock; you could call it "intelligent" heavy metal, not to detract from any other groups. Best track is the closer, Larks' Tongues Pt. 2, 7 minutes of scorching riffage, interplay, and freaky violin noises. As a bonus, it's recorded very well, with the guitars having a full crunch and the percussion getting great clarity.
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Liquid Tension Experiment 2

Yes, the first one has already been recommended, but I'm gonna recommend the second one anyways. The best word to describe this album is "Crazy". Crazy fast guitar work. Crazy good bass work (gotta love Tony). Crazy technical keyboard work. Just plain crazy drumming. If you like noodling (is that the correct term?), you'll love this one. It pretty much takes the original project and speeds things up a little. Both CDs are well worth having, but I prefer the second over the first.

Originally Posted by stewgriff View Post
Really? No Crimson? No biggie.
I would have, but I never could land a "K" post.
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Mew - ...And The Glass Handed Kites

Firstly...one of the most hideous album covers of all time. Thankfully the music is fully up to scratch! Another album-lovers album: it flows seamlessly from song to song. The music is quite unique but comprises elements of My Bloody Valentine, Radiohead, The Cure and Sigur Ros. And it's tidily produced. Well worth checking out.

mwallace573 - nice to see my Immune recommendation was well recieved
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Nine Inch Nails - Still

Yep, another NIN recommendation from me, as this one isn't quite as well known as most of his other works. This album is mostly a collection of instrumentals with a few acoustic versions of some of his older songs (Something I Can Never Have, The Fragile, and The Becoming). It also contains an alternate version of The Day The Whole World Went Away, which I personally prefer over the original. The instrumentals are quite good as well, and Leaving Hope is just plain depressing, but in a good way. Very down tempo when compared to the rest of his catalog. This is a must have for any NIN fans out there, of which I'm sure there are many.

Originally Posted by Floodedstatue View Post
Mew - ...And The Glass Handed Kites
Great album. I'm suprised it doesn't get more mention around here.
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Old Canes - Early Morning Hymns

This is kind of a little record, a side-project of the lead guy from the Appleseed Cast, Chris Crisci. But instead of the indie-prog soundscapes that band excels at, this is acoustic folk-rock. And very good folk-rock that comes out sounding a bit more like something from Neutral Milk Hotel's modern indie-rock classic In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, except with the warmer and less abrasive voice of Crisci telling the stories. The more I play it, the more I like it. Probably more at this stage than any of the Appleseed Cast records. Really a fine album with nods to bluegrass and folk and avant-pop and many other music forms, but surprisingly unique and hard to describe, with a sense of urgency at times that isn't usually found in those types of music. Amazing? Well, maybe not all that amazing when tossed in the same room with the best of rock music, but there's surprisingly (and refreshingly) little of that in this thread so far, so Old Canes grabs a slot. Really not that many O's around anyway, but got this one on the player right now and it's sounding pretty good to me
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I don't think this has been suggested yet, but:

Charlotte Gainsbourg - 5:55.

I find her voice very calming and honest. Catchy songs, and good variety. If I can appreciate this coming from death metal, I'm sure someone else will.
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Originally Posted by Dostoyevsky View Post
I don't think this has been suggested yet, but:

Charlotte Gainsbourg - 5:55.
Hmm, let's see, a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,g .... ????

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Robert Pollard - Speak Kindly of Your Volunteer Fire Department

The musical genius behind Guided by Voices, Pollard has a seemingly inexhaustible supply of infectious guitar-driven indie pop tunes (he once said in an interview that he has penned some 10,000+ songs). This album very likely represents the pinnacle of his solo recorded output; there is not a drop of filler to be found on this recording. It easily makes my top 10 list of indie pop albums. That's the good news.

The bad news: it's been out of print forever and if you want it on CD then be prepared to cough up some serious cash for it. That said, if you don't mind AAC then it is available on iTunes.

Anyone who loves jangly guitar-laden indie pop should get this one while they can.

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I'm calling *skip* on 'Q' and heading to...

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magic

This is one of my favourite records of all time. Funky, passionate, deep and in my opinion, the band at their absolute best. Everyone should have this in their collection.
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Lots of "S" bands. But only one Supersuckers! And this is about their country album on SubPop, Must've Been High.

Now this is some smokin' country music, just they way I like it. What a great album! I picked up this LP in 1997, and it quickly went into heavy rotation and stayed there for a long time. And gets regular listens. All analog recording, all Neumann tube mikes and all effects done live in chambers, or with plate reverbs and tape slap delay. Like almost all modern LPs, I believe it was probably digitally mastered, but still sounds wonderfully analog on a good rig. Lots of acoustic guitar and well miked drums. Clever lyrics throughout (though admittedly borderline too clever in a couple places). Kelley Deal even contributes vocals on one song, along with some help from Willie Nelson and others.
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Temple of the Dog

You like Chris Cornell? Then you'll love this CD. Easily one of my favorite albums of the early 90s. One of the finest examples of Grunge out there.
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Originally Posted by Squeek View Post
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magic

This is one of my favourite records of all time. Funky, passionate, deep and in my opinion, the band at their absolute best. Everyone should have this in their collection.
Great call. It's been ages since I gave this one a listen and seeing your post made me reach for my media rack. I almost forgot how truely great this album is! Thanks for calling my attention to it.

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skippin' U...
'Velvet Underground' third album from VU. 1969. I mean, wow. I listen to this drivin', flyin', trippin', hangin' out...probably my all-around favorite VU recording. If you like music, this is a no-brainer.
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