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Here are 3 pair of phones I don't use really much for sale:

Audio-Technica ATH-FC7
This is a nice pair of phone for people on the road. I bought the phones without the cable extension, so I built one myself that I will include with the phones. Aside from this cable change, the phones are really mint.

Asking for $40 shipped

Modded AKG K81DJ
This is really a nice pair of phones and I'm sad to let these go. I had them recabled because I did not like the length of the regular cable. I also changed to original pads for some nice red velour ones. These pads are really hard to find and do give a nice look to these nice bang for the buck phones.

Asking for $85 shipped

Modded Sony MDR-V150 with KSC-75 drivers
This is another really nice pair of phones. They are Sony MDR-V150 phones which were modded with a pair of Koss KSC-75 drivers. They give a really nice sound for someone on a budget. When the drivers were changed, the owner also recabled these phones. You get the sound of KSC-75 and a really nice fit.

Asking for $45 shipped

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Can you post pics of MDR-V150 with KSC-75 drivers?
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bump will post pics as soon as I can
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what type of cable is on the akg k81?
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... Please.
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It doesn't really look like you're willing to sell those 'phones... Are they still up for grabs? If so when can we expect pictures?

Sorry to harrass you.

But not really.
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whats the color of the FC7's?
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who'd you have the k81djs recabled by?
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this guy havnt been online for 4 days, i say: forget it
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Bump... just came back from my trip... Will arrange something tonight for pictures. As for the recable, I can't remember the guy who did it for me but it is really professional.
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what a long trip!
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pics added today
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yg paypaled
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