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Did a trade with Chris. My Kenwood HD20GA7 for his HD10GB7. Since I commute a lot and I couldn't stay without music for all the shipping time, Chris offered to sent me his player, and only then I had to send mine to him. Nice transaction, great communication. Highly recommended.

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excellent transaction

sold cn11 a pair of portapro's... everything was very smooth, excellent communication and fast payment.

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sold him my TF10s..he was prompt with the payment and very nice person to deal with.
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bought the Sleek SA6 from him, and it was super peachy.
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Bought the Senn IE8's from Chris. The whole transaction went smoothly and promptly. Thanks, Chris.
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Chris purchased my recabled HFI780. Super easy transaction with excellent communication. I would gladly do business with Chris again, in a heartbeat. Highly recommended !!
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Zune HD

Chris very kindly bought me a Zune HD from Amazon.com (since MS haven't released them outside the US yet ). He ordered and shipped it really fast. Great comms. Thanks Chris for doing me such a big favour
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excellent seller! would recommend to anyone.. sold me ie8s shipped to Canada. was very smooth.
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bought a pair of monster turbines.GREAT seller. easy to stay in contact with and very helpful. highly recommended. Shipped next day. quick easy transaction.
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kudos to CN11

Just wanted to thank cn11 for the timely shipping and great deal on a pair of Ortofon E-Q7 earphones. CN11 was very patient with me and answered all of my questions about the product (and other products) in a quick and friendly manner. This was especially nice of him considering that I'm fairly new to hobby (or as some might want to refer to it: this lifestyle).

As for the e-q7s: I've only had like 10 minutes to pop them in my ears and listen to a couple of my favorite songs (Miles Davis' "Eight-one" in lossless on the ipod, and Isaac Hayes' "Walk on Bye" in 254). I AM JUST BLOWN AWAY!! Definitely the best earphones I've heard. Blows the Shures 530s away. And what it does for strings!!. But this is not the review forum, I know, so again, just wanted to say thanks to cn11 for a great deal. Nice doing business with you buddy.

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Sold him some ATHs in a flawless transaction

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Met Chris in person to purchase the Atrio's. Easy transaction, great guy to deal with, extremely trustworthy.
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Bought a set of IEMs from cn11. They came very quickly and exactly as promised. Highly recommended h-fer!
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I bought a pair of Klipsch S4i's from cn11. They arrived very, very quickly and in great condition!

Highly recommended and I would not hesitate to deal with cn11 ever again!

Thanks for a great transaction.
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Bought a pair of M50's from Chris. Item was as described, and it was shipped very fast.
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