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Most comfortable pads for Grado

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Just got a pair of MS2i's and not liking the bowls or flats. Are the 414 pads more comfortable or do I have to go to C-Pads to get true comfort?

If I go to C-Pads does the sound change?
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It's hard to think of anything better than either the Flats or Bowls for the MS-2(i). Most people are usually divided between the two camps (I belong to the Flats side). I have the C-pads too and absolutely dislike both the fit & sound on my MS-2. The few reports I have read here also point to the same conclusion. To put things short, the C-pads similarly change the sound as do any other Grado pads: more balanced bass and treble but with a suck-out in the mids, leading to an artificial-sounding presentation (that's my personal finding btw).

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Advancing age may have something to do with it.

....both John and I seem to prefer bowls.
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The MS2i is pretty heavy to begin with so all flats/bowls/HD414/comfies will put on some pressure to your head. I don't know much about the C-pads but they do seem to be really comfy but I would be more concern about the sound it might give, less bass, less upfront, less grado'ish, when the MS2i is already quite polite.
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For a cheap and easy mod to make the bowls WAY WAY more comfortable and circumaural to boot, try the sock mod described in http://www.headwize.com/projects/sho...=grado_prj.htm

I did it on my bowls and havent looked back since.
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If you got them new, just wait. Don't be thrown by the comfort issues. After a few weeks the pads will start to soften and you will become much less distracted by them.

Some people clean them to get them softer faster, but I just suggest you tough it out. It's really interesting how they change so quickly.
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Haven't tried Cpads but hd414 pads offer worse sound than both the bowls and flats (IMO). In time the bowls become quite comfy - hard to believe, but true!
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After I washed mine they were much more comfy, now with many months of use they have become even more comfy than the reversed 414 pads.
I found flats to be too muddy.
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Sounds like you all just saved me some $ (C-pads)

So far I prefer the comfort and sound of flats over bowls, but I'm new to these cans, and will continue to try both for a while longer.

Appreciate the input
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