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Elna Cerafines

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Does anyone know of a source to get 4700uf 50V cerafines?
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I don't think such values exist, but you can get better...for a price. 4700uf 50V Black Gates can be found for about $120 each.
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I believe he's right, in the Cerafine line, the only 4700uF is only 6.3V. 50V only goes up to 470uF. Guess they were thinking these were not supposed to be used for "high voltage" power supplies!
I am thinking of trying the Nicholson Muse FX or Great Supply, which come in 4700 uF/35v for $2.95 from Michael Percy. Either that or stick with the Panasonic FC's from Digikey, and put the precious Elna's only in the reservoir.
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I picked up some 3300uF/50v MUSE caps from Percy not too long ago, priced at $2.95 each. That may be close enough for your app?
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carlo please help!

Angela lists 4700uf 50V and 10,000uf 50V cerafines. I'm trying to buy 4 of the 4700uf ones from them. I don't trust the red notice that says "only one left in stock".

How are the Nichicon 4700uf KG Gold caps? They're cheap from Percy. Black Gates are too expensive.

This is for the kevin gilmore dynamic headphone amp/pre. I see two box caps in antness's power supply picture, can those be replaced with something better like auricap?

I saw in the headwize page about the gilmore amp and started wondering, which caps does kevin use on his? What's the optimal voltage cap? I see 4700uf 100V in the schematic in a couple places, that has me confused...
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Check my PM to you.

I would believe the notice on Angela that says only one left. Not many people are only going to be wanting 1 of a capacitor, nor are there many people who would need that cap. to make a repair. I would agree with you if they said two left, or four left.

However, I think that capacitor has been on their site for a few months...
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I don't know, seems kinda fishy they'd sell just 1 cap. I would think they would either sell it for a really high price or auction it off or something if there really is only 1 left. Or maybe they have restocked and were just too lazy to update the page, that's my first guess.
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If you check the ROA (Cerafine) datasheet from Elna you'd see the values that the red-cased Cerafines are available in.

The Cerafines that Angela sells are both the red ones and the older high voltage black ones that have been discontinued for quite some time.

Now, for your high voltage needs, I would suggest their LPO-Tonerex which go all the way up to 6800uF in 50V.

As far as where to find them - there's been a guy in England selling Cerafines and Silmacs on eBay.

I've also seen 470uF/25V Os-Cons (the caps that make an Airhead into a Total Airhead) by the bag (50pcs) for <$20 on the 'Bay..

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Lately I've been using 4700uF 35V Blackgates shunted with Auricaps just because I'm overboard like that, using a great bypass cap helps even Blackgates so I think you should do it to whatever large electrolytic you choose.

I still haven't tried the Nichicon Golds against the Blackgates, too busy with other things right now. I might be able to get around to installing them next week but it'd be at least a couple of weeks after then before I have impressions (break-in and long term listening). In case other people care I did just finish comparing the Blackgate PK with the Standard series and the PK might be a tad better but its not huge (compared same voltages and values).

Looks like you're assembling the best headphone system in the Navy
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carlo, I found too that Auricaps helped when bypasing series N (top of the line) BG (4.7uF 50V one). However, then I tried 22uF 6.3V NX instead (perhaps a notch below top of the line?) and noticed more transparent sound (main benefit of film bypasses) than that of N capacitor and still haven't been persuaded that I need those Auricaps any more. I'm talking signal path btw, which is much more critical.
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Does anybody really know why Elna Cerafines and Silmic's are so hard to come by? I mean, they have a web site, they are still being manufactured, their web site lists distribution and retail sales channels, WTF is the deal?
I haven't actually picked up the phone and called any of the distributors or sales, but have sent several emails and filled out several "web forms", these people don't even answer!

I did get a quote back from THLAudio

Elna Silmic

1000uF/25v = 190 NT$ = $5.52 US

4700uF/25v = 600 NT$ = $17.74 US

You would have to add shipping and 2% handling (from Taiwan )!!

Those 1000uf/35v ones on ebay are not that bad a deal, about the same, as above, except they are 35V, better for a power supply.
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The power supply runs at an initial 30V, I'd like a little more headroom than 35V, which is why I really want them 4700uf 50V cerafines. Or am I just being ignorant? But the only 4700uf Cerafine I could find over 30V is that 50V one...

carlo - antness suggested to me that if I can't get the 4700uf, going with the 10,000uf cerafines (these things are huge, 4" tall, $49 each, still cheaper than BGs) with a 470uf cerafine bypass cap could be even better. I assume Auricap would be a better choice. Wouldn't it be a good idea to bypass even if I can get the 4700uf caps?

I'm wondering what the hell them box caps are for (coupling?), I assume they're wima film caps, can those be swapped out for auricaps? =P (them two red ones)

What I'm hoping to get out of going with premium caps is transparency/resolution leading to better PRaT.
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There are already polypropylene bypass caps in the Gilmore PSU. If you wanted these could be Auricaps. My suggestion was in addition to the Auricaps or whatever you choose.
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Still googlin'

I found some 50v 2200's in the UK

2200uF/50v Silmics

You could parallel these for almost 4700 uF

Good luck

Since my last post, I DID actually call every sales/distributor listed at elna-america in Texas and New Mexico, the ones that haven't disappeared (one), showed no ROA's or ROS's of any value in their "extensive inventory". So I called Elna direct (several times), got voicemail on their main line!! I did speak to a real person once, but she transferred me somewhere, and it was voicemail! Nothing against voicemail, I used to work in that field for almost 20 yrs., but it seems these people do not return calls.
So I am going to keep hounding them, and try to play dumb or pitiful, according to PinkFloyd, he got a free bag from them!!
If I end up getting a line on quantities of Elna's, I will post. I am looking for 1000uF 25v min., 35 would be better, and some 4700uF 25v min, but I have just about decided that I will leave my 4700uF Panasonic FC's as the initial filter caps, and try to get some 1000's for the reservoir, I have some Wima 1uF's for bypass.
Hell, I may just save up for some BG's, I have been having quite a time reading the BG threads over at diyaudio!!
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I would really like 4700uf 50V, would paralleling that with 470uf/50V cerafine also be better in addition to the auricap bypass caps?

I'd like some more input on the 10,000uf paralleled with 470uf if I can't get the 4700uf cerafines. Has anyone tried something like this?

I've no interest in silmic, the idea of silk fibers is not very tempting.
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