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Rockbox for Zune?

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Why doesn't this exist? Is it in development? If no, then why not?
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Too early in the product's shelf life, and the company that makes it is too restrictive with their hardware. It might happen but not until say...2009 at the earliest?
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Did you checked rockbox website for new ports ... ?
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more work is being done on the Gigabeat S than the Zune, but since they have a similar structure, i would expect a Zune port a little while after the Gigabeat S. however, that may be quite a while...
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It's not simple work, creating Rockbox for different devices. There is no stable one for the Vision M yet, and it is more mainstream and older than the Zune. Can't expect a difficult task to be performed on an unstable player in terms of mainstay, and adjustments
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ahh alright I got it. I really didnt know much about rockbox. I was just wondering why i didnt see it for zune. After some research and your posts I understand now.
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Rockbox for iPod is STILL in development as well and that has been going on for quite a while - no real stable release yet. Let alone a zune which is still considered new.

But if there are Rockbox option for zune, I will be the first one to adopt it. Playing FLAC on a Rockboxed zune should be something to behold
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the best port of Rockbox has to be the iRiver iHP-1XX and 3XX series. Not only do you get better battery life than the original firmware, but you get all the pluses of Rockbox and it's pretty damn stable. I think I had it crash on my old ihp-120 only once when I had it. Plus it turns them into great little recording devices as well.
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another thing that will make Zune especially difficult to hack is the fact it is closed format. Many devices, such as the iPod, require software to transfer music, but MTP players all use a similar structure so they're easier to hack once you have one. iPod's are, in technicality, UMS, as they appear as a removable drive on your computer. However, Zune's work only with ZMP, and thus more effort is needed to get into the meat of these suckers.

Another reason Mediamonkey doesn't support the Zune *sigh*
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