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Modding the Rudistior RPX 33 mkII?

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Markl's excellent review of the RPX33 class A dual mono HP amp contains a few nice shots of the RPX33 innerds.

I wonder if those of you who are into modding might share your opinions on the following potential mods regarding potential improvements in sound quality to an already excellent amp.

1. Delete the power switch and run the mains straight to the transformers. I keep it on all the time anyway.

2. Delete the pre-amp RCA outputs. I have no use for this feature.

3. Delete the RCA input loop out. I have no idea what this is even for.

4 Delete the high and low headphone outputs and simplify this into only one output. I use the low output exclusively, with two different HP's

5. Eliminate the ground loop switch in the back. Does nothing in my setup.

Alll these mods appear to be fairly easy, DIY type deals except for the HP outputs. they would reduce the functionality of the amp, but would make circuits more direct and simple.
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The RCA loop out would be the easiest as it just involves cutting one wire to the left and right loop out RCA's.
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I don't see any need to do this sort of 'modding' on the amp.
Deleting switches and sockets does absolutely nothing.
Bypassing functions on the PCB is another story, but considering your situation I think you can do more harm than good to the amp and it's sound.
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Owning an RPX-33 myself I honestly admit that I have no idea what exactly your problem is.
A voice of reason would suggest to simply contact Rudi about your ideas.

Then again, maybe a DIY-amp would be the right choice for you?
Should have enough cables and stuff to cut them into pieces.

But an RPX-33 ?

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Power going through unsoldered connects such as on/off switches can degrade the sound. Other than that, not sure what you're trying to accomplish. If you leave the thing on 24/7, then yea, why not bypass the on/off switch, imo.

Also, contacting Rudi is a great idea. If you simply have no use for many of the features on the amp, he may be willing to take out some of the added luxuries for simplicity's sake. He does a lot of custom work for people and their amps. I can't imagine he'd turn you down or charge you anything more than shipping for the work.

Good luck.
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I have no desire to send this thing back to Italy. I could care less about the warranty. I like the way it sounds, but I am very hands on.

That said, I think you are now on the same page as I, regarding the power switch. Particularly if you might be thinking fancy power cable and maximizing gains therein.

If you think that deleting the power switch might offer up some gain, then focus your thoughts on the only input the amp has. This input IS HARDWIRED TO A loop output that effectively takes signal from the input source, and shunts it to an open pair of RCA's via a pair of wires.
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