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DIY Grado C-Pad

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Has anyone here tried to make their own C-Pads out of Beyer Velours? I have some 770's and I'm going to find out whether or not I want to keep them in a few days. If I don't, I'm going to use the velours to make my own C-Pads for some wooden Grados. Let me know if you have any instructions or tips I can use to make my own!
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just a heads up for anyone who feels like replying:

Originally Posted by
I DON'T APPRECIATE CLONING of MY IDEAS for profit, nor those that buy clones. Show some respect, PLEASE. Building something for your own use is fine, but please don't give directions or pictures of the process.
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I don't plan on selling these. They are for no one's profit but my own. I don't see any harm in that... but if it's going to be that way, then pm or aim me about it if you have any ideas. =)
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Originally Posted by werdwerdus View Post
just a heads up for anyone who feels like replying:
Thats fine and all, but the idea is hardly unique enough that he thought of it first, or that it wouldnt have come about without him.

The way people claim to own ideas, and how they claim they are the first to think of things is just plain silly.

The only person who benefits from people following those ways is the creator who is making money off it.

The community would benefit from people improving existing ideas, that's how technology moves forward. Not by saying "Hey, Im the first to sell this, so I must be the first to have thought it, and own this idea, don't do anything similiar"

I'm not against him personally, it is the attitude that people can just claim ownership of an idea without going through any of the proper channels to actually get patents.
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That looks great! Thanks for your help!
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This is a great idea, i think i will try it with beyer leather pads if i get a hold of a pair
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