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Peterson @ The Concertgebouw

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(This is a CD I recently discovered. I love it. And I think it's a great introduction to jazz. So, if you have no jazz CDs, do yourself a favor, and get it. It's also a great addition to a jazz connoisseur’s collection)

I don't know much about jazz. In fact, I only have 4 jazz CDs in my collection (that'll have to change). I do remember hearing a lot of jazz at my father's place as a kid, and I liked it. (the poor guy was nuts. I remember him buying a vinyl worth over $100. Some "very-well-recorded" live jazz performance). Now the records, along with his Linn turntable, sit in a closet, because he's too lazy to install a shelf on the wall to place the turntable... I told you: the guy is nuts (sorry dad!)

Anyway, enough childhood memories. A few months back, I was on a quest to discover jazz. The first 2 discs I bought didn't really do it. Then I got Miles Davis. This was getting more like it. But not quite. It must have been 2am, I was listening to the radio, and some really groovy jazz was on. After a few minutes, I stopped what I was doing, and was forced to listen: this was some powerful stuff. When it was over, the announcer named the CD:

"The Oscar Peterson Trio: At the Concertgebouw"

I bought the CD the next day. Since then, I play it at least 3 times a week. To me, this is what jazz should sound like: fast, somewhat improvised, without too much structure and _groovy_. The Oscar Peterson Trio is all that.

The legendary Peterson is at the piano, and he's accompanied by Herb Ellis at the guitar and Raw Brown at the bass. Together, they deliver a stunning performance. Some is a little blues. It's got such beat that even teenagers start tapping their foot and shaking their head when track 9 "Should I?" goes wild. Other titles include "The Lady Is a Tramp", "Big Fat Mama", "Bluesology", "Budo [a.k.a. Hallucinations]" and many more. Sounds promising, doesn't it?

The recording quality is very good for 1957. There's a little bit of white noise in the background, but it's not a problem at normal listening level. It was recorded in public and so you hear the crowd cheering after those really cool passages. It's a great addition that adds energy to the record (and makes you wish you had been there).

I must have played this CD 10 times already, and I never grow tired of it. It's great stuff, powerful stuff. Put this on, and your mood is immediately elevated. I think it has the potential to please to everyone. I recommend it.

The Oscar Peterson Trio, "At the Concertgebouw"
Verve 314 521 649-2
Recorded in 1957, Number of Tracks 13, Duration 69:50
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I'm not much of a Peterson fan myself (my dad is) but I do know this:
If you want to swing, listen to Oscar Peterson.. coz he swings HARD!

Anywayz, At the Concertgebouw is a pretty good CD and a mysterious one too, coz it wasn't even recorded at the Concertgebouw (Amsterdam) but supposedly in Chicago and Los Angeles.

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