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"BTW, I noticed the lights on my 2225 are greenish rather than the blueish color I see online all the time. Are they supposed to be that color or has the bulbs been changed? My friend just got a 2216b and that lights up blue. It really doesn't bother me but I thought I'd ask."

The reason that the lights don't appear blue is that the velum paper that Marantz used as a diffuser has become dis-colored. If you change that out your lights will be blue again.

Since these units are thirty years ago, or so, some of the previous owners may have used replacement bulbs that were the wrong voltage, which got too hot and caused the velum paper become discolored. Which in turn makes the lights appear green instead of "Marantz blue". In the worse case using lamps above 250 ma may melt the plastic lamp hosing.

In my 2285 I have replaced the "fuse lamps" with LED lamps. The LED's run cooler and never burn out. With the LED lamps the color is slightly deeper blue, but for me was worth it since I hate changing bulbs. I recommend these for easy maintenance.

If you do use the original "fuse lamps", never go above 200 ma - 250 ma. The original spec is for the 200 ma bulbs, but these can be hard find.

If you need sources for either type of bulb just PM me & I will steer you in the right direction.

- augustwest
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Hi, i own a HD650 and the marantz 2225 (still works though the lights are dead). I was wondering what i could possibly add to this setup (no modding please). I use my MP3 or my computer as source (i m thinking about DAC too). Is it worth using it as a pre amp and buying a headphone amp?
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"On a side note, has anyone ever modded these old Marantz's with better components? Can any real improvements be had with modifications?"

The Marantz receivers already have some great parts in them. You should have a few ALPS pots (inc volume) straight from the factory.

This thread does have me thinking though. I have Marantz 2215, 2216, and 2238B receivers in storage along with a 3200 preamp, a Pioneer SX 727 receiver, a Rotel RA-610 integrated (when they were owned by Roland and made in Japan), and Sansui S2000 receiver - all in storage. I don't think I have ever tried them with headphones. I would just buy them and restore them for use with speakers. I moved 18 months ago and they have all been in boxes since.

My guess is that the 2238B would sound best since its the one highest in the food chain, but that 2216 is an amazing little receiver with B&W 602 or 303 speakers. The Rotel is way overbuilt with very simple circuits and every single switch, pot, and slider in it is made by ALPS.

If anyone has experience with any of these, let me know.
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Hales, if you ever wanna sell one of those amps, please let me know !
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Originally Posted by psc001 View Post
Hales, if you ever wanna sell one of those amps, please let me know !
Will do!

Right now I am trying to figure out how to properly clean the Rotel integrated. The more I look at the design, the more impressed I am with how overbuilt yet simple it is. The only problem is that it has a layer of dusty gunk in it that goes beyond what I usually find in 30 year old gear.
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hello there, im looking for fuse style bulbs for the display on my marantz 2225. any help would be appreciated, thanks. plz forward email to rwh623@yahoo.ca

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Which vintage marantz has the best headphone out?  Are they all the same?

I used to have one but it sounded kind of grainy...not as smooth and clean as dedicated headphone amps.

I currently have the setton rs220 and it's smoother and warmer than the marantz.  

But this thread has gotten me interested if there is a particular marantz amp that has the best headphone out?

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i want to know if there are any possibility to do replacement for the Brand Marantz fuse lamps? right now the marantz lamp style is a fuse style filament bulbs with 8v-250mA, but what we have done is the LED bulbs with 8v-23mA(with this current, that will no melting issues anymore. you can check the attached fuse style led bulbs for Marantz audio. The parameter is: Voltage:AC8V Current: 23mA length:31mm, diameter: 6.35mm, 2 flat heads,3 pieces of super brightness leds, lifespan:30,000 hours color: cool blue or warm white or other colors such as red,purpul,yello,white,etc. So far, we have sold 10000 pcs to American market, please let me know if you like to try this led for your Marantz Audio? thanks and i hope to receive your soonest reply. my email address is supercarled at 163 dot com

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