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Found this while chatting with a friend (online) who has one. he lives in Hawaii and his friend brought it to him from Japan.

Is this the most high end portable you've ever seen? This thing has it all. External screen, Optical digital out, MD Link, CD Text, Mega Bass, G-shock protection, and plays for 62 hours on a set of AA's.

the sweetest thing though is the way you load cds. its a SLOT LOAD portable!! the top doesn't pop up and you stick the cd in... you SLIDE it in. that is so over the top.

The unit is only available in Japan and costs 37,200 yen (or $315 US Dollars).

i'm impressed. wonder how it sounds. the guy who has it couldn't care less how it sounds. (figures)

anyone else have a player in this price range? when i asked him about his cd player he said it was about 300 bucks. i did a search on the model number and kept getting a portable cdp. i asked him if that was the right model number and he assured me it was correct. i asked him if it was a portable and he said yes! i fully expected a 300 dollar cd player to be a home theater type cdp.
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FYI, the D-E01 was called the D-EJ01 outside of Asia. It is discontinued, and hard to find new.
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I got it when it first came to the states for $400US as a b-day present. Once you get over the slot-loading aspect of it and the fancy tv-like remote (which costs $99 on its own to replace), it really isn't that great of a player. It's kinda heavy for it size, most likely due to it's slot loading mechanism, but the headphone jack isn't that great, typical of today's pcdp. The player itself is quite noisy too when it's changing tracks, and it's pretty slow at finding tracks. The mega bass is somewhat exaggerated, but I found it quite enjoyable with my Sony V6 on bass-heavy music. It does have a digital optical output which makes MD-Recording a breeze with a optical cable. Either way, my D-350 and D25S sounds much better.
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I had this player ( paid 250.00). I beat the crap out of it while working out at the local gym. The remote was the first thing to go (100 bucks to replace, rip off). I truly miss everything about it except for the slot loading mechanism which was a little rough on the cd's. You probably could get a refurbished model up to 6 months ago (not sure).
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I second the statement posted by Soupy. The EJ-01 is great to look at but the headphone out quality is below average. However, the line out of the EJ-01 is quite good. I would recommend it if you love its look and line out.

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I think that it is very overpriced.. You have to realise that you're actually paying for a double-size d-ej925 with slot loading (I would never use that, love my cds too much) - and it's a lot more pricy than the 925.
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Yeah double the price of a D-E990 / D-EJ915 but essentially the same electronics inside... You are paying for the 15th Anniversary CD Walkman title and the slot-in mechanism... maybe the extra price is mainly placed upon the remote... (the remote costs $112 from Sony Canada OUCH!)

Actually I think the slot-in concept is very innovative for a PCDP... In the Digital Dreams - The Story of the Sony Design Center book, it mentioned that Sony was trying to come up with a next generation PCDP code-named Milano that would have a slot-in feature... I guess this is it, too bad being the "next generation" Discman that it never even made it through its infancy in order to be mainstream...

We'll see what Sony comes up with for 2004 (20th Anniversary PCDP)
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Originally posted by krayzie

We'll see what Sony comes up with for 2004 (20th Anniversary PCDP)
Probably something with r/rw capabilities. (I know they've done that already, but I was thinking something sized like the d-ej2000)
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Good point on that 20th aniversary thing!

How about adding CD/MP3 compatibility to something like EJ-2000?

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Yeah I would think they'll probably add MP3 capability... but not too keen on the burning CD ability, since that'll be like Sony shooting itself in the foot... they already have Discman CD-ROM burners for notebooks... and yes they have a very thin profile but just kinda bulky in terms of surface area...
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I remember drooling over that model when it came out. I'm shocked to find out it sucked so much. I still would like to see that type of loading in a cd player tho. I only use cdrs so scratches don't mean jack to me.
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I owned one for a while.
I liked the way it looked and the build quality.
The slot mechanism proved a nice touch but worried
me about the potential for CD damage.
It cost quite a bit.

But I did not really like the sound of it at all.
It was this player that got me interested in experimenting
with outboard portable dacs.
Then of course it failed on me, and was returned.

That was when the Sony [shop] retailer mentioned that 90% of all
the 01 s they sold had failed in some way!!
I thanked them for informing me of this BEFORE I purchased
this product and promptly exchanged it for a top loading 925, that
proved 100% reliable.

These days I use the 2000 which sounds superior to both the previous
players and has been 100% reliable thus far.

So my recommendation would be to buy the 01 for 'technical collectibility' only
and use some other source for the daily 'grind'.

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Wow, a blast from the past

I am suspicious of most gimmicky gadgets, and it looks like the D-EJ2000 was the last in the lineup of "pure" CD players - minimalist, light, slim, and built for audiophiles. People should be collecting these things; the only weakness in the design is the non-matching silver remote (for the North American model).

Still waiting for the Super Audio CD sequel
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The D-EJ01 was the last CD Player in the US to come in a box yeah,,,it was $350 new BLEH! Anyway, a cool collectable none-the-less.
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Yeah, cool looking PCDP and the only one in Sony's line up or any of the other barnds for that matter that was slot fed. I didn't like the sound quality of it as it was stated weak and flat compared to my other vintages. It was expensive when it was available and was made to commerate the 20th anniversary of the Discman.
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