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the Spy.Ear Ispy007: "A powerful secret sound amplifier" Enjoy.

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So weird. Found them by accident here, listed under health and beauty: hearing aids. Technically it's the cheapest headphone amp available, and unlike most bargain amps, it comes with a microphone and a pair of pre-broken stock buds. Not too shabby.

The boilerplate:

"This device is a powerful secret sound amplifier with built-in high sensitive microphone.

"With this device :
You can listen clearly to people talking secretly.
You can listen to the far away sound of the animals while hunting.
You can spy on people in another room by listening to their conversation.

"It can also be used as an amplifier for people with hearing difficulties.

"It is Great for children too!"
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Gah, that reminded me of my horrible middle school days: that was one of the prizes you would get if you sold enough from some stupid sales program.

It was a big hit with my peers, I remember.
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Love the color-coded buds, but where's the line-in?!
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I bet the CIA uses those.
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I always wanted one of these back in the old days... but, do they actually work well?
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I should get that for a 600 Ohm Beyer.
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This would be fun if you live in dorms... ah, good 'ol days.
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I bought one of those 3-4 years ago at a flea market for $2... no joke. I lost it though.... thank goodness.
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haha there was one of these at the lost and found at my work. My co-workers and I had a good kick out of it for a few hours. We made funnels to catch more sound waves and stuff. haha
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C'mon, this might be a breakthrough product!

Gentlemen, gentlemen. I think you are being far too dismissive of this intriguing device. A thorough, carefully controlled dual review/shootout would be in order, pitting it against it's only serious competitor, the Boosteroo.

Seriously, if a Radio Shack PCDP or the PS1 can gain a cult following among audiophiles, what do you bet there's a chance someone will turn up extolling the virtues of this device...? OK, OK, not really.

But the packaging is worth the price of admission. Reminds me of those full-page novelty ads that I used to see in comics that had micro-fine print and always included the absolutely essential "sea monkey" farm. I heard somewhere that these sea monkeys were actually brine shrimp. Fish food, in other words.

Funny thing is, I laughed out loud when I first heard about the T-Amp. Which now drives my PSBs, quite nicely thank you. When I installed that little plastic sucker, my jaw hit the floor so hard I needed dental work.

So you never know...
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I love this. I had this years back and it worked so good .
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i found this little gadget in my house and i thought it was a toy but after i googled it and ending up on this page should i be worried and please elaborate more on how this thing works thanks......

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