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the end

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i just carted all of my audio equipment out of my room

the tinnitus in my right ear has become louder than most ambient noise and has driven me to exhaustion with my inability to sleep

one year of almost constantly visiting audiologists and receiving audiograms and i have lost - was there some vitamin supplement that someone suggested?

i wanted to fling my SACD player down the staircase - this sucks

i just wanted to share this...
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Another addiction will appear quite miraculously,
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x2 ... I'm so, so sorry to hear this ... Please don't give up on researching a remedy !! ... Please, don't off-yourself either (as I would probably do) ... Best-Wishes & Hopes ...
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Originally Posted by BlazingArrow74 View Post
...Please, don't off-yourself either (as I would probably do)...
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Give it time. There is always a glimmer of hope that all or some of it is only temporary. Hearing is a weird thing. There is permanent and temporary loss/damage. Should you decide to return to the land of headphones, consider building a rig around low-level listening exclusively. I know Headroom mentioned that the flagship Grados are great for low level listening. Just remember 2 things: 1. Low Levels, always. 2. Conservative duration. Listening 'sort of loud' for a long time is just as bad as listening 'loud' for a somewhat shorter amount of time.
Other than that all I can say is best of luck.
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take a very long break from all audio/headphones (which it sounds like you are doing already). if that doesn't help, then music at low levels from desktop or other speakers is the way to go. no reason that you still can't enjoy music.
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speakers only at low volume, stop using headphones.
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Flinging stuff down the staircase may be satisfying in the short term, but you'll regret it later!

Sorry to hear about your pain - listen to the wise words from the above posters and all is not lost. Best of luck.
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This is almost like a Public Service Announcement ... maybe it should be stickied to remind everyone that hearing is not an inalienable ability.

Good luck with sorting that problem out, OP.
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