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so what amp?

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tomahawk / hornet?
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Hornet is better but if you want realy small AMPs then Tomahawk, XIN SuperMicro IV are good.
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If size doesn't matter you might also consider the HeadAmp AE-2. The Xin reference gets good reviews too although I haven't had the chance to audition it yet.
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Originally Posted by dusk View Post
tomahawk / hornet?
You can not go wrong with Ray's amps, the Hornet is fabulous. I also like the mSeed Spirit Amp, and the TTVJ portable hybrid millet. For the budget the mSeed is a insane value.

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hmm, now I am thinking sr-71 or an mSeed
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Decisions are complicated. Research more until you feel comfortable with your favorite choice. I decided for the Hornet, but that is just me ...
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