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Pink Noise Burn-In?

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I just acquired a new pair of ATH-CK7's canalphones. Right out of the package I put them in my ears, turned on the iPod/Tomahawk and Bam! Muddy bloated bass and a no extension high end. The highs sounded like the V-Moda Vibes I used to own where I had to boost the treble on my iPod just to make them sound OK.

I had read about burn-in using pink noise to bring out the true fidelity of the phones but frankly didn't buy it. I put over fifty hours of music through the Vibes and still couldn't get over the treble veil. Well, I decided to run the CK7's through 20 some hours of pink noise just to see if there was any noticeable difference before I sold them.

Well, I'm completely stunned. The highs are now there and the low end has cleaned itself up. I never would have believed it if I didn't try it. I don't know how well this works on other types of headphones, but it sure did wonders for these. Maybe I should have tried this on the Vibes before retuning them?
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I'm not sure of how long I've listened to my Vibes, but it seems like they sound better and better. Burn in drastically helps.
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Lot of burn in threads and pink noise seems to be a favorite with some. Though can't say Ive seen any posts dealing with canalphones and burn in. But I suppose it may be like anything else. Also with a lot of headphones there seems to be a set standard of 100-200 hours of burn in some reccomend. So maybe theres hope as you play more music through them they will improve more even
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ep630s bass cleaned up SO much with burn in, with an extension in the highs. I was also surprised how much a canalphone improved with pink noise
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Anyone know where to get pink noise? I've googled it quite a few times.
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Yeah, I have the same problem. I haven't been able to find a decent generator for it.
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get a pink noise sample from wikipedia and then play it over in foobar,
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Yep, even 8 hours of pink noise in my JVC Marshmallows has improved them. Still not the greatest, but I was thinking of returning them before.
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Get tracks 58 and 59 from here and just make a playlist out of them. Loop it to your heart's content.

Track 58 is nice mono pink noise for 20 minutes, and track 59 is two minutes of silence to give the phones a rest.

Edit: some of the other tracks on there are designed for very specific purposes and will destroy headphones if used, so I would recommend only downloading tracks 58 and 59. They are definitely safe.
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It seems white noise has already solved your problems. Check my signature below for a huge list of while noise links - and lots more.
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Originally Posted by bindibadgi View Post
Track 58 is nice mono pink noise for 20 minutes, and track 59 is two minutes of silence to give the phones a rest.
Now headphones need to REST!?!? What's the scientific reasoning behind this?
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There may be none, but it can't hurt to give them a break eh?

Actually I can't really see why there would be a problem with leaving the pink noise on 24/7, but I leave the 2 minute silence in there anyway. :shrug:
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A one-minute break in sound won't hurt anybody, and certainly not your phones. But the whole idea behind white/pink noise is that it's like a "spray" of sound that goes on continually. That's why it's so harmless, and effective.
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I sometimes use pink noise to burn in my ears before I make opinions on a headphone, so there is less adjusting time.

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A half decent program to generate Pink Noise (or white, or brown) is (was?) Cool Edit. Its a bit long in the tooth now, the version I have is Cool Edit 2000. I recently installed it on my wife's Windows XP machine and it still seems to run just fine though.
I think it was bought up by Adobe a couple of years ago and is now referred to as Adobe Audition? I might be wrong.

But anyway the program can generate any length sample of White, Pink or Brown noise.

Out of curiosity, why Pink for the burn in? Why not white or brown? Is there any particular reasoning?
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