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Sold - VPI Scout + Grado Gold + VPI Phono Cable - Sold

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SOLD! I am considering selling my VPI Scout w/ JMW-9 Tonearm along with the Grado Gold currently installed on it and a 1.0M VPI Phono Cable (RCA to RCA + ground) which uses the same wiring as the JWM-9 so from the arm to the phono pre you have the same cabling.

My reason for selling is I am rebuilding a Garrard and can't afford to keep the VPI through the upgrade process.

The condition of the Scout is like new, the only defect being a circular scratch on the JMW-9 Tonearm which results from there being no padding on the cradle. It pretty much happens the first time you put the arm into the cradle and there is no way around it unless VPI changes their manufacturing.

The grado gold has about 200 hours on it and looks to be going strong under the microscope. I clean my records before each play so the cart should be as good as humanly possible from a technical standpoint. There are some light scratches on the body from installation but they are not apparent unless you inspect closely.

Cable is 100% perfect and the best upgrade I made to this table. Added insane amount of detailed bass.

Retail Prices for the 3 Items were
1600 - Scout + JMW-9
180 - Grado Gold
200 - Cable

Will sell the whole deal for SOLD including shipping and paypal!
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ALSO: All original packaging on all of the items. Every piece of foam, plastic bag and factory boxes I have kept.
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International People: If shipping to you is as bad as it is to Australia don't even bother, shipping was between $500-2000 US you could probably buy new for cheaper, sorry!
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Price drop to 1000
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