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Trying out nice headphones?

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I'm trying to decide between Audio-Technica ATH-A900's, Sennheiser 555/595 and Grado SR80's, but I'd like to try them out before I make a decision. Is there anywhere that I could see all of them? My dad owns SR80's, so I listened to them and I like them a lot. I want something more closed so that I don't bother people, however. Still, I'm not sure whether the AT's and Senns are worth the price increase.

Where could I find demo models of these guys?
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For closed cans look here:

Best for overall musical sound, great bass, great value = RP-21
Best for versatility, durability, portability, also a great value = MDR-V6

No sense in paying more than $70-100 for something that's not the DT-770 or Darth Beyer (Mmm.. Yummy!).
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The Senn 555/595 are open FYI.
The AT A900 is an excellent closed can for bout $180, it does everything well, music, movies, gaming, and does not need an amp. If you go the grado route, be it they are open, the SR225 would prolly be your target considering you like the SR80's. And yes they would be a noticeable upgrade.
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If you like portable cans that you could wear in public, AND NOT HAVE KIDS STARE AT YOU ON THE SKYTRAIN OR ANYTHING, do not get the A900s. Real experience.
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Your best bet to try out headphones is a Head-Fi meet. If you live in a major city, chances are that there will be a meet in your city. Check the meets section for info on meets.
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You can look in the phone book for hi-fi stereo stores, and try there.
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