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For Sale: Chinese "Aria" 10w speaker + headphone amp

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Price: $140 + shpping

I have a Chinese tube amp that runs 4 6p1p-ev power tubes + 2 6n1p preamp tubes for sale. The amp has one set of rca inputs, speaker out and a headphone jack. I bought the amp from a Chinese seller on ebay. I think the price (including shipping) was around $225. There is some discussion about the amp in this thread (although mine is black and North American voltage).

I replaced the stock chinese tubes with 4 Russian 6p1p-ev tubes from the 1970s and two Russian 6n23p tubes (labeled as RCA 6dj8). The sound through speakers is very good; however, the headphone jack is pretty noisey. It worked great with my 91db speakers in a bedroom setup. However, I recently built a diyparadise Charlize amp that I prefer, so this one has to go.

I would like to get $140 + shipping from 27514 and I will include the Russian tubes and the Chinese tubes that came with amp. The amp is pretty heavy (about 20lbs.). I will post pictures when I get home.

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bump and price drop to $140 + shipping. You won't find a better 10w tube amp for less.

pics added... I have received some interest, but will be out of town tomorrow and Sunday.
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I'm interested. Just sent you an e-mail.
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