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Has anyone modified their TS-E so that both tilt and shift occur on the same axis? Instructions I found seem simple enough, but the four screws that I need to remove are very tight and I didn't want to apply too much force with my jewelers' screwdriver set for fear of leaving marks or worse, striping the screws. Any success stories by TS-E owners here?

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Hmm was wondering what you were talking about then i realised only the newer 24 and 17 allow you to tilt and shift on independent axis' . Never heard of anyone I know who did this mod :\

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You shouldn't need to. There is a release so you can rotate the shift axis. Unless I'm misunderstanding what you are trying to do. 


edit - ah, that release is on the 24 TS-E II

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Well, I guess somebody has to post about the new Canon 5Ds and 5Ds R 50 MP cameras.  Not too excited myself :rolleyes:

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New Adobe Camera RAW 9.0 now features HDR and Panorama right in ACR.   Fantastic!



Downloaded it, and bummer!  The HDR and Panorama tools only work for PS CC (subscription) not PS CS (me). Adobe sure knows how to rub it in to those who refuse to be slave to their subscription model :mad:

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Haven't been here for a while and it looks like I didn't miss much either.


So anyone upgraded to the 5Ds or sr yet? Personally I decided to wait it out for now, as even processing 36MP is already quite slow on my dinosaur of a machine so 50MP is going to aggravate the situation even more. Besides, the biggest I go is 13x19" so I won't benefit from the extra MP... for now.


Now the rumours of a new 35L... that would pique my interest more. :-)

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Personally, I will not buy another Canon body until there is fundamental improvement in the Canon sensor fabrication process, i.e. move away from the ancient 0.50µm fab process (which only Canon still uses) and/or improve the read-noise by moving the off-chip ADC to on-chip like all the other companies.  


There's still hope for Canon lens-lovers like myself, since the new Sony A7r II has FAR faster AF speed with adapted Canon lenses than Mk I.

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The A7r II certainly looks tempting for its AF capabilities, BSI sensor and improved metal mount... can't wait for my regular shop here to bring them in so that I can play around with it and then tell myself I don't really need yet-another-camera, lol.

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I just bought some new (to me) glass.  I currently have a 7D MkII and just got a 24-70 F2.8L and a 70-200 F2.8L both used and in great condition.  Got to play around with them over the weekend in what conditions most people would hate.  High Speed and indoors.  I shot with a custom profile that locked the shutter speed to 1/500 or faster and the aperture at f4 or faster and auto iso.  Most shot at 1/500 f2.8 and iso 1600 to 6000.  Just quickly going through them here are a few from the weekend.












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i been practicing 

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