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Sorry for the long post.  I'll make the decision on which side to be on soon :)  

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Thanks.  I took my Whibal card yesterday and I must admit I forgot to use it yet again.  Perhaps I need to give my D600 more time before I switch.  Can you believe it--the wife is on board with me switching to 5D3's... I guess she got tired of hearing me moan about D600 colors/skin tones.  


Just shows you things always look greener on the other side.  I (kind of) love my 5D III (more the L lenses actually), but I've been thinking about picking up a used/fixed D600 on eBay for those landscape urges.  However, the new D810 looks mighty tempting; Nikon really improved the AF accuracy, speed, and frame rate over D800, and even 5D III.


I actually think 5D III (and most Canons) error on the side of bit much magenta/red vs. Nikon's green for skin tones.  With either, post-processing on a decent calibrated monitor is inevitable :(

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36MP files...I'll have to think about the D810 if I stick with Nikon, but wow those are huge files.  For adequate processing/navigation speed in LR with my 24MP files, I need an i7 processor (laptop), 16gb memory, and SSD.  And I still need to render 1:1 previews in advance if I don't want any lag when zooming in.  


Yes, the dynamic range on the D600 is simply amazing for landscape :D 

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I use Photo Mechanic before going to LR because of the lag.

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