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Soundstage mod for HD 555\595

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Since i've made hwc's mod to my 555, i've been thinking about going full throttle and cutting 555's inner grill (http://www.head-fi.org/forums/showth...light=555+mod).
Tonight i decided to do it . You prolly will not believe, but wideness of soundstage and overall airyness is definitely improved. Significantly. I guarantee you that you will hear the difference! Just play Radiohead's How to dissapear completely before and after modding
In fact i've made original zbwu's mod but since my cans were already hwc's foam modded i've combined those 2 mods in one - i've cutted (with soldering-iron, no less) the inner grill and foam'd the remaining surface around driver chassis. Plus i've got some tips how to make this mod safe and not ruin cans' look. Cause it looks kinda weird when you see the driver, acoustic screen and wires around it when you have only outer grill. The driver itself and screen are kinda white, so you can see it clear through the black outer grill. So i painted the screen and driver's back with black marker and now it looks simply beautiful throw the black grill. Too bad the camera can't catch how it looks correctly, but i'll post pics anyway.
Second, there's a hole on the other side of the driver which goes throw entire driver so you can see the membrane from the back side of the driver. Now, when you don't have the fabric covered inner grill that protected the hole to membrane from dust, etc you gotta protect it. I've used that fabric from the inner grill to cover it. Be careful with glue here, one blob on the membrane through that hole=you have no cans anymore%). This applies to whole procedure, look what you doing, don't cut off necessary stuff (like screws' holes) while cutting off the grill. And don't mess up the housing while operating the soldering-iron.
P.S. In original HD555/H595 mod thread there was a suggestion that cutting off the inner grill reduces the strenght of the headpnone. Well, that's is not true, the inner grill is made of very soft plastic, you'll see it, so it don't reinforces anything. One thing is reducing though-dust protection...but that's all.
P.P.S. While that mode can be done in half-hour, i've needed around 3 hours to make it all good and clean. If you wanna do it, make it the right way, no rush, and i guarantee - you will not regret.

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how much sound leakage are coming from these?
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How do you exactly do the soundstage mod for the HD 555? I would like to have a step-by-step guide so that I won't screw up. Pics would be nice too.
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^ ok I just did it and it's not that complicated... Time consuming is what it is. I know their isn't many clear instructions on how to do it, but if u really wanna do it, just go for it. A few tips are: 1) REMOVE the 3 screws to take out the speaker! Sounds easy, but they were rly small, and the cable replacement guide from sennheiser didin't even tell u they were there. 2) be careful when removing the outer grill, the tabs break easily so be patient. 3) don't worry about removing the headphones pads, nothing is gonna break.
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So is there a detailed steps by steps for this mod?

I can't seem to find it
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I did a bit of Googling but maybe I just suck.

I'm also interested in saving myself money and doing this mod tomorrow night. I'm ripping out the foam soon hahaha.


I'm guessing that's it :P
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Can anyone do a detailed step by step instrustions or a video???
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check out my thread for detailed instructions....
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check out my thread for a very detailed instructions. No one else did it so I thought I would. I have great pictures too.

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Hey I would really like to try this mod but I'm confused. So after I remove the outer grill. I then cut out the plastic. I wouldn't mind painting the speaker itself with a black marker, but I am not comfortable painting the white screen part that is like paper Also when u say if u do cut out the plastic. Nothing is protecting it from dust other than the outer metal grill....I re-use the foams I took out in the hd555 and put them where? Do I put them so it protects the back part where the white screen is? Or is this part of the mod optional? 


Does anyone know if the higher end models like hd600/650 have any sort of foam or protection other than the metal grill on the outside? Looking at the pics of the hd600/650 it appears its just the metal grill on the outside protecting the speaker. I want to do the mod for the hd555, but if I did it, and some how the I got water splashed on the outside, or someone were to poke a needle through the grill. Wouldn't it be more prone to damage? If the hd600/650 don't have anything blocking air then it makes me more comfortable doing this mod. Would I notice the difference at low volumes or only at high volumes?

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Just found a mod 555 on Amazon for $100 that is "barely used". Can't wait to hear them once they arrive.

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