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nice reeboks man, those are sick.

and i agree with montana, those are the best boots ever.

i have some friends that are into collecting shoes, im just far too poor to get into any kind of hobby that involves a collection...at least until i pay my debt off : /
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Really liked the shinoda DCs.

I'm most likely gonna try to get some ultimate 81's, if I can find a colorway I like + a store that doesn't have them overpriced. Maybe some converse too, been curious about trying them for the first time but then it'd be 2 slim shoes, and none of a bulkier one.
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I am not really into sneaker-fi but I own a few pairs of shoes and I am really picky person, so here is my two favorites!


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What's with the multitude of skate shoes? Do you really skateboard? Do you?
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Mountain bike (pedals have studs and a platform sole shoes are prefered for maximum grip on the surface! No need to say those studs eat shoes alive!) and for sure skate shoes are really comfy!

Originally Posted by Ishcabible View Post
What's with the multitude of skate shoes? Do you really skateboard? Do you?
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Thought it was NBHD logo for a sec.

Quick question for you all, don't know if you guys into this problem though. For white shoes, shoes with white on them near the ankle, how to you keep it clean from like denim stains?
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Asics for running outside, Saucony for running on treadmill, PF Flyers and London Fly for office.
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Adidas Country O Vintage (70s)

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I have some pretty sweet red and black Salomon cross training shoes for every day use. Completely water proof, great grip, and not too bad looking either. Works well when you walk the dog for about 2 hours every day in a place with lots of rain.
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Raf Sneakers


Umbro.. again

YSL Rive Gauche Nomads

Visvim*Sophnet sneakers

Visvim Logan Deck Lo

oh and Air Force 1's which you probs all know

Sorry for all the pics, took up half the page
Also, these aren't my pics so if you own them just PM to take them off..
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i got these recently...been wearing it everywhere i go..great for outdoors and for city.

Adidas Anzo Apreze:

Anyone like such kind of shoes? ..these are my first laceless suede style shoes.
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I used to be a sneaker person, until I was forced to wear Oxfords for a college program (Police Foundations) as a part of the uniform.

Bought a pair of Dakota Tarantula Anti-Slip Oxford Shoes (laced) for $60 Canadian. Broke them in after 4 days of extensive wear and they are by far the best pair of shoes I've ever bought (they match everything! *well, not shorts.. :S, then again, I don't wear shorts*). They are comfy, but a bitch to shine (they're vinyl-like, not leather).

Maybe next year I'll get a pair of real Oxfords that polices actually wear.

I'll post up some pictures later.
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Bought today:

Adidas Boost
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These are my stinkies

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