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I did a search an nobody else posted a pair of Five Tens, so I will :)    The mountain bike I ride is made by Orange, and the color is...orange.  So I had to get these!



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The great thing is that they weigh next to nothing...


Here are my Seeya, used for the gym only but weigh in at a mere 8oz (226g), no need for socks and machine washable...



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they also glow in the dark...

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Some of my older sneakers:

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Does anyone have some experience with Timberland shoes?
I'm eying with the Bradstreet model, but it seems to be a bit pricey for my liking at ~$150. Can it worth it?

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Bought a pair of Salomon's for the first time. Have had the idea of buying this type of shoe for a while but it was still a leap for some reason. Love the hybrid hike/casual flavour. This is the Salomon Eskape Aero.



Edit: well that didn't work out. Returned them for looking unexpectedly Nike when worn. Also pretty tight fit at my size 9/42.

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I love shoes. I'm a huge fan of Vans Old Skool. I usually wear them in the summer and once the fall comes in I switch over to my 1460 Dr. Martens. The docs are easily the comfiest shoes I have ever own.  

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I can't post pictures yet, but I do like my neon yellow with reflective panels Nike Fingertrap Max shoes!  Perfect for Jazzercise! :D

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I'm a big fan of Merrells.  Both Moabs, and Phoenix Vents.  Highly recommended for hiking and trailing.  Tough as nails, but comfy.

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I bought a pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 18's and they are by far the comfiest gutties I've ever worn. By miles!
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I'm a fan of new balance sneakers. I bought my last pair half the price.

Wished I bought more since all were 50% off. Should had bought atleast 3 pairs. :confused_face_2:

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Herring Munich

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If I'm ever bored enough to show people my annoyingly expensive dress shoes, I'll toss em in frame and snap a photo. Otherwise, all my other shoes are less'n $50 and not worth caring about.

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Herring Munich



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Some Lakais. 5 years old now colour is fading that's about it. Soles, leather everything is in totally fine shape. Gone hiking, in the lake, played soccer everything in these. Of all the skate shoes I've owned, these have been the best. Nothing over the top in styling, and have lasted longer then any other pair, by far the most comfortable (more then even my old work shoes), and since they are a less a popular brand, slightly cheaper.

They're a bit dirty, lots of salt and dirt in the snow today.

I also have a pair of black Puma Speedcats that I use for driving. Fantastic for long trips (made for driving after all) soles on those are very soft rubber wear out realitivly quickly, but you will have a hard time slipping on anything but water. Side note, there is a warning on the tongue of them says "Not flame proof equipped" heh guess you can't use them at some tracks if they require full flame suits
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