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Originally Posted by Oistrakh View Post
what does everyone here think of Adidas Superstars?
Adidas shoes are terribly uncomfortable for me, they're not wide enough and the arch is too far forward, I guess I have big toes. Other than that they're great, I think the shells look kinda lame but I have some Spezials I modded to work with me and they are great.

I got a new pair of Vans Prison Issues a few weeks ago, they're pretty awesome, even faster to put on than slipons are :P

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those adidas are effing sick d-ej
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some stuff my friend does

if you want to see more
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I have these:

and these:
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Puma Mostro black suede - most comfy sneaker ever

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I'm wearing plain white Reebok Hi-Top(80's THRASH ALL THE WAY!!!11), Red-White 80's Pony Hi-Top, and druing winter..tactical army shoes.
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Gil Zeros, 14's bought on ebay I'd say around April-May, $40 new in box

T-Mac 3's, 14's bought on ebay for about $30 around the summer, barely used because I'm too lazy to put on high tops when getting ready for school in the morning. But now that winter is here, they're going to start getting more use.
and my old pair:
KG Bounce, 14's bought xmas 07 for around 40 new on ebay. They don't see too much use anymore

I also have some Reebok NBA logo sneakers which are pretty much for mowing now.
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I have the best boots ever
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Just got these. Mine are grey suede, black puma on the front toe area, white stripping. These have to be the most comfortable shoes I've ever had on. They feel a lot like slippers. Surprising as usually Puma's are a little narrow on me.

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My babies- I clean them almost religiously and only where them if I'm sure I'm bound for a clean, pristine destination.
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I've never paid more than $60 for a pair of shoes. I wait to get lucky.

Running. They feel so nice to run on. $40 at a Nike outlet.

Winter, everyday shoes. Got these for $26 in a North Face Store during Black Friday

And an adidas shoe that I can't remember the name of. It's one of those bounce shoes in neon red. It gets a lot of attention, as you'd think.
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