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I like these a lot.


I dont collect shoes. But I do like finding that perfect pair that I can wear every day until they rip and fall off.
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Originally Posted by blinx View Post
3x0??!! you hate the pumas?!?!

i absolutely adore my speedcats. Most durable tennis shoe i've ever owned
My biggest qualm with the SpeedCats is that they're significantly less breathable than any of my other shoes. My feet get drenched in them.

I used to have a pair of Adidas Barricades for tennis a while ago, but I outgrew them.
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what does everyone here think of Adidas Superstars?
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What does everyone here think about not posting pictures that are 1600px wide or some other retarded dimension that makes the thread barely readable

Huge pet peeve of mine.

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I don't really give a crud about clothes, but I did buys these sneakers to skate. Cost me $31 shipped and they look decent. My only issue is the INCREDIBLY thick tongue.
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Originally Posted by 3X0 View Post

Also have a pair of Brooks Beasts for running and a pair of Puma Speed Cats. I love the Brooks. I hate the Pumas; I'm never wearing them again.

You can send them to me if you hate em that much
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i have mostly bball shoes. jordan 3,11. crazy 8. iverson. lebrons.

i also like the air force 1. but the special edition ones are way too expensive. $200 a pair. yikes.

i like the p-rod as well, but am never a big fan of those huge tongues. maybe i'll give it a try. anyone has the p-rod?
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Originally Posted by raymondlin View Post
Check out my Nike , this is prob not to everyone's taste but i like it, green leather in and out with laser edged designs.

is that a pair of dunks? i like it. but nike charges way too much for anything with laser. did you get that in uk? must be expensive.
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i got 2 new pairs of shoes today and yesterday... i'll post them up here when i get some pics.

teaser: 1 is a nike dunk CL and the other is a Zoom Air FC SB
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I've made a point to own at least one pair of Addidas Sambas at pretty much every stage of my life. If I had my druthers I probably wouldn't ever wear any shoes at all, (barefoot-fi?) unfortunately climate and social convention keep them on my feet.
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oooh my prized possesion

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Well, i finally stopped feeling lazy (sort of) and pulled out my camera to take a few pics of my new shoes. I was still a little lazy though and only took pictures of my Dunks. Anywho, here they are. Click on any of them to view the rest of the album:

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I'm a big fan of the standard Adidas shoe. You know, the white with the black stripes.

They are cheap, seem to last forever, and get more and more comfy the older they get.
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Speaking of Pumas...the black ones!!

I need to get a camera....
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I am close to the end of my first pair of New Balance 992.
They are awesome shoes, and I am thinking that I might have to get another pair.

Usually shoes aren't too much of a fashion statement for me because of my non-existent arch. I have seen a couple of podiatrists who have told me to be very careful with the shoes I wear, otherwise I will be facing serious knee problems in my thirties and forties.

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