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Who let the Flecktones out!

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Anyone here a fan of the Flecktones? I was at best buy, browsing through the Jazz section, and noticed they stuck 'em in there. I only had Left of Cool, but thought it was really good, so I picked up Live Art and Outbound... DUDE! They're awesome! I love live art. They seem like a group that could just come out on stage and just improvise for a few hours and it would sound awesome. I was fortunate enough to hear them live once with Dave Matthews Band, and they were phenominal. Great musicians. Their cds are really well recorded too...

Anyway, anyone else feel the same way? Or hate them?
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Yes I have some of their stuff...Live art is awesome! Haha btw I didn't mention this in the hearing unexpected stuff thread...but in the improv with amazing grace, I could swear there is some asian lady who kinda asks what is being played (she says something like, "so this is saving grace for me?" and some ladies laugh and tell her its amazing grace.) Done with Ety's of course.

Heh I was just bored and really wanted to know what was going on with all the conversations during that album LOL. I could swear I could hear a lot of silly smalltalk.

Seriously though there is a really obnoxious guy in that audience LOL. But the 2 CD set, almost all of it is just too cool to listen to.
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Yep, first time I listened to it was today at work with ety's and a jmt built amp... sounded SO awesome
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Well it figures that you'd like that stuff, especially if your a DMB fan.

They share some characteristics I think in sound...very clean, rythmic, with a thumping bass line!
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Speaking of DMB, and this is way off topic... I just found Before These Crowded Streets on vynil and about wet myself I was so excited

Looking for some more on vynil now...it's VERY hard to find.
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Yo Victa!

Victor Wooten is amazing on bass, "Flight of the Cosmic Hippo" should be required reading for all sub-woofers.

Bela, well you can't really make a banjo sound like that can you?

Earlier recordings had Howard Levy on harmonica, I saw him at a demonstration and he was able to get each and every note from a harmonica and he did NOT have a chromatic. Standard blues harmonica and he said he knew all the notes were in there, just a matter of getting them out. Took him years, and then every half step was his! Harmonicas in the key of F, C, A, no matter to Howard all notes were present and accounted for.

Presenting the Jimi Hendrix' of their axes, all praise the Flecktones!
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Flumpus: I hope "I wet myself" was just a figure of speech....cuz....that....is just sick otherwise!
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Yeah, I've got Cosmis Hippo, Live Art and Left of Cool. All superb albums, but I do have to admit to liking the earlier stuff better and would love to find a copy of UFO TOFU. I've yet to get a copy of Outbound. I do also have Bela Fleck's "Tales from the Acoustic Planet" which is a bit more laid back, but still very cool. And Nick's right - Victor is THE man!

Funny, never thought I'd really be into banjo music.....
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Hey vij, maybe it was, maybe it wasn't ;-) I was very excited though, hope it arrives soon.

I've been listening to Live Art some more, and I'm still very impressed...

Ok, well, off to set things up for the headphone meeting... Setting up the portable area in the living room with the Cosmic, TA, JMT-built cmoy in a penguin mint tin, Panasonic CT780, CT470, and CT570...

Then we got my room, which has the Melos SHA-1, Antique Sound Labs Headphone Adaptor, my Denon 370->MSB Link Dac III, Pro-Ject 1.2 turntable, Rotel RA-972 amp, Sonus Faber Concertinos...

Then we got my roommates room, which has a Marantz 4000OSE, MG Head DT, and a new Max... And of course, to tie in my rambling with this thread, we'll listen to the Flecktones on all of it!
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LOL, flumpus I understand completely.....I actually have that feeling everytime I get a CD....so I guess I'm more pathetic than u....

Also - that portable stuff is just....sooo.....wonderful (drool).
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