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I want to take this opportunity of leaving some superbly positive feedback for musicmind, a fellow member of the small but proud South-African head-fi community. I had the pleasure of chatting with him for a number of weeks, and now had the experience of dealing with him when I sold him a pair of headphones.

Throughout our conversations he has always been kind and courteous, prompt to reply, and we met a few hours ago to conclude the deal in person. The only thing easier and better than the straightforward, local transaction, was the fact that I got to meet him (for the first time) over a cup of coffee to discuss everything head-fi.....a rare occassion which is usually restricted to one's keyboard, mouse and monitor

As his name suggests, music is always on his mind indeed, and he is a passionate and true music-lover. I hope the new acquisition brings you closer to the music - that's what it is all really about in the end!

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This is my second transaction with musicmind, and as with the first one it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The min reason for this, is that it wasn't concluded across the web.....

....there aren't many Head-Fier's here in SA, but fortunately we live not too far from each other and often get to hold mini (really mini ) meets. Leading up to the sale, we spent quite a lot of time discussing, comparing, listening, and just being able to share with someone as passionate about the hobby as I am is a great treat - and a much welcome respite from the usual are you mad spending more than $50 on headphones, not to mention amps, sources, cables, and so on.

I want to thank musicmind too for the patience in bearing with me during the decision process - which involved a number of 180 degree turns and bouts of cold feet . Enjoy the WA6; at least I know it has gone to a safe and loving home and will be well looked after. The icing on the cake is that it could be kept local.

We will certainly be in touch!
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Great Buyer...

Musicmind bought several pairs of vacuum tubes from me.

He is decisive, and pays promptly.

Great buyer!
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