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Originally Posted by trose49 View Post
IT'S A HOBBY! Right?

OK a way of life for some of us but let me enjoy my $500 interconnects and believe they make a difference. PLEEEEEEEEEASE!
I make my own interconncts as I found there is a difference in the sound of interconnects & found what causes those differences. It's not hocus pocus but very real measurable thing called capactance. The less of it the better. Mine are down as far as 85 picofarads per meter when terminated. The terminations add some capacitance which is unavoidable. Most even relatively high-end cables have close to 200 picofarads capacitance per meter when terminated.

This capacitance reacts with the output impedance of the source to cause a rolloff of the high frequencies & also contributes to time smear by storing some charge to be released when the signal falls. This happens in part due to impedance mismatches in the source/cable/input impedance of the following componant.

The best setup for best signal transfer is to have matching impedance characteristics throughout the audio path but unfortunately this is not the case with audio without making modifications to all componants in the audio path. Note though if this was done that you would lose 6db sensitivity for each interconnect in series. in other words going from CD to preamp to poweramp you would loose 12db sensitivity. That means you would have to turn the volume up 12db more to get the same volume. The benefits though would be perfectly flat frequeny response with vanishingly low time smear.

I have not done these mods mmyself so I just made cables that would minimize the losses without the mods for matching the impedance. In most cases the high sensitivity losses would make the matched impedance not workable as many people have several componants in series & with 6db loss per jump its too much for most systems.
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Comment to Boomana on page one:

You may probably never read this post since the discussion took place years ago. However, I would like to point out that there is a high probability than one or both of your tube amplifiers are not perfect. What you described are quite typical for small deviations in the frequency response curve. If you have access to high quality test instruments, look for small nonlinearities in the treble region, down to 0.05 decibel (Iknow of one test person that noticed a differens in the frequency response og 0.06 db). If the differences are easily heard, the frequency response deviation is probably a lot larger. The fairly high second harmonic distortion of some tube amplifiers may also contribute to a warmer sound. I challange you to hear any differences in equipment with adequately low distortion and completely flat frequency response

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