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If You Like Joy Division

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Like I do you must check out this album by the group Ikon:

Moment in Time:

This sounds exactly like a follow-up album to Unknown Pleasures, the voice is an exact match and music is very similar, deja-vu all over again man! Check some sound samples at Amazon etc.

If you like, also get albums:
Shadow of the Angel
Flowers for the Gathering

They have other later albums, but the lead singer left the group and the sound is no longer Joy Division.
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Found www.resurrectionmusic.com when searching for this group. If you like goth/indie/metal/punk these guys have a good selection at reasonable prices.

They also have quite a selection of vinyl.

Thanks for the tip DarkAngel - just ordered "Moment In Time" - sgot to order several Bauhaus CD's now (only £9.95 a time )
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That is a great site for gothic music, the selection is amazing, too bad it is not in USA, shipping costs are very high for me.
Let us know how you like your IKON......

BTW I have almost all Bauhaus/Tones on Tail/Love & Rockets/Peter Murphy CDs, what a great goup of musicians they were!
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Got my Ikon CD - uncanny Ian Curtis reincarnated
Will be including further Ikon CD's in with my Bauhaus order

Thanks again for the recommendation.

Have you heard the Joy Division - Preston War CD (described as new, high quality, Live CD)???

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I almost never get live CDs, with very few exceptions. One is the Bauhaus "press the eject" where many of the live versions surpass the studio takes, and the live "bella lugosi is dead" clocks in at over 9.5 minutes and destroys the studio version..........."alone in his darkened room, the count"

The live Joy Division I have heard, like the tracks from album "still"
are very poor quality, so I have little hope for "preston" but I could be wrong......I have not heard it myself.

Glad you like IKON (90s joy division reborn)

Now do you have your Switchblade Symphony CDs? Another little
known gothic/darkwave group from the 1990s whose work is right up there with early Sisters of Mercy & classic Bauhaus in artistic quality......check out their album "serpentine gallery"

I am currently listening to new Clan of Xymox album "notes from the underground" I love this group and have all their CDs
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If you like Bauhaus, you may also want to track down Usherhouse...a little bit more produced, but still quite good...completely got lost in Cleopatra's plethora of releases...

I too like Xymox/Clan Of, may have just joined a band in which that is the sound that we are going to strive for...wish me luck, it is a high ideal to which to strive...
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Never heard of Usherhouse before, but as you say Cleopatra has many sheep in the fold and sometimes a great group can be lost in the shuffle.......I will have to look for some sound samples.

Xymox is one of the greatest bands ever in my book, amazing after almost 20yrs they can still produce magnificent work. Latest
2 CDs Creatures/Notes Underground have more industrial influences, like parts of NIN Fragile, while still maintaining the Xymox sound we all love.

My favorite Xymox remains their melancholy tinged masterpiece "Medusa"
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Usherhouse? Do you mean House of Usher or am i on totally the wrong track?


Got Shadow of the Angel CD - another good one
You also recommend Flowers for the Gathering but i've seen it described as a lot less Joy Division sounding. Still worthwhile obtaining is it?
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Originally posted by 20silkcut
Usherhouse? Do you mean House of Usher or am i on totally the wrong track?
Nope, I mean Usherhouse. Two releases Molting, and Flux.
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Don't stop now, go for IKON hat trick, "flowers for the gathering"
is the last CD that still retains Joy Division sound, lead singer
left group after this, I like it as much as other three.
Also get that Switchblade Symphony CD......magnificent!

Here is the group Dusty refers to, even Amazon carries their Cds!
5 sound samples available each CD, bought both CDs used from DJ Angos, sounds closest to Bauhaus style.......what else you got for us Dusty?
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The following is a quote from the Resurrection site :-

Ikon : On the Edge of Forever - CD
Brand new album for this Australian band, who's original vocalist has now left and been replaced by the old guitarist, who can sing!!! This sounds a lot like the new Clan of Xymox stuff.

Might be worth a listen!

Checked Usherhouse on Amazon UK and it's 4-6 weeks delivery, already got 5 week delivery quoted on the SwitchBlade CD i've ordered. Do they have guys swim over with this stuff
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definitely get "flowers" over the newer IKON CDs, IMO the newer CDs are nowhere near as good as 3 mentioned above.

Too bad about trouble getting switchblade symphony/Usherhouse
CDs in UK, both groups are on American label "cleopatra" which must be hard to get overseas........I see SS did tour UK already in
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Originally posted by DarkAngel
...what else you got for us Dusty?
Um...um...(starts floundering through his CD collection)...I got some...no, you wouldn't be interested in that...how about...nope, not on this thead...Ha! They'll just laugh at this...(throws it over his head)...(gets totally carried away looking through his Britney CD's for 5 minutes)...WTH is this? (Bunch of unlabelled CD-R's) (Takes them to the stereo in the other room) (to be cont'd)
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No, seriously

Actually, the things I've been enjoying the most lately are these dark music comp.'s that a bunch of different companies have been putting out: Unquiet Grave III is a recent favorite...here are a few others:

Bouqet of Dreams

the entire Zillo series (I only have a couple, but intend to chase the rest down)

the entire Diva X Machina series

Orkus presents best of 1999

Awake the Machines

...that's all I can think of for now...

...but really, there was nothing else like Bauhaus...in my book, anyway...

But if you don't mind talking Goth in general, I always like a lot of the Bauhaus off-shoots: Tones on Tail (Everything should be required listening for everyone into this type of music); Dali's Car; Love & Rockets (I even like the trippy later stuff like Lift and Hot Trip to Heaven, which are more post-rock than anything else); Daniel Ash's solo stuff is amazing. Mission, Sisters, Cure, and Fields of the Nephilim are all pretty cool in my book (of the more widely known names). Never got into the coarser sounds of e.g., Gene Loves Jezebel, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Alien Sex Fiend, Christian Death, et al, for some reason (just to give you an idea of what I am into and where I am coming from, so that you know whether or not to take my suggestions; not meant as a slam or anything).

If you want a little more laid-back sound, I've been recently revisiting my Projekt stuff, and there's some really good stuff there. For those unfamiliar, the names "Black Tape for a Blue Girl" and "Lycia" might mean something to you -- they are both from the Projekt fold. If you like that reverb-drenched sound, then you should like Faith and the Muse (not from Projekt, but similar sounding). I, personally, have been rediscovering Soul Whirling Somewhere and, more recently, Lowsunday.
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Yes, I have almost bought a "Faith and the Muse" CD on several occassions but when listening to brief samples I held off. Speaking of Projekt label CDs I don't care for Lycia or Black Tape,
but I really like first two Love Spirals Downwards Cds "Idylls and
Ardor" If you want to cheat they now have greatest hits CD: Temporal

Most other names you mention I have now or have heard, but I may check out the last two you mention which are new names to me.
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